Furfunding Highlights 1.26.16


Illustration from Animal Superheroes, now on Indiegogo

It’s nice to know there are other economies as undervalued as the furry commission scene. I got a “Follow” from a startup company called Backerhack, which offers a really cool product: reviews, feedback, retweets, from Kickstarter “power backers.” Get your campaign reviewed by someone who’s got a lot of experience working with Kickstarter. Love it! Gigs for Kickstarter “experts.” Theoretically Indiegogo’s also on their list, but clearly they’re a distant second.

For future reference, on a platform that’s only run for four years, it’s pretty easy to be an expert :)

There’s a HUGE “buyer beware” thang happening here, of course. Theoretically there’s a review system for the experts, but in practice, the site’s saturated with providers. Most of the featured reviews are scandalously cheap: a good editor’s services in the real world are $25-50/hour, but most of the reviews and such are $5, $10…I listed mine at $65 for three hours, and it looks like that’s the highest pricetag on the platform for that kind of service :( It seems like the number of people that are interested in this service would never meet the demand…

Reviews this week: A quick look at fursona socks with Faux Paws, and a longer look at episode 6 of the “There She Is!!” series. Fun, fun!

FoxOnSox ThereSheIsThumb

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page

New Projects


Animal Superheroes Posters (Ends: 3/11/2016)
Superheros reinterpreted as non-anthro animals. Weird little coffee shop art project.
This one’s got a very slow start, $0 in first 10 days, so probably a nonstarter.

Children’s Product

The Adventures of Sir Winston (Ends: 1/26/2016)
Two scotty dogs travel through time in space in this supercute kiddy book

My Bad Bad Dog (Ends: 2/9/2016)baddogsmall
Cute line-art children’s book about a very bad dog.


Faux Paws (Ends: 2/2/2016)
Cute abstractly animal-patterned socks to match your fox, wolf, or kitty alt-self!

LED Fursuit Accessories (Ends: 2/16/2016)
A small collection of LED harnesses and colors with a remote control.
May be an over-saturated market for this project? Not a lot of support.

lionteeShirts are the Art We Walk In (Ends: 2/21/2016)
A beautiful nerdy lion tee, but with very little support looks like a nonstarter :(


There She Is!! #6 (Ends: 2/11/2016)
Since 2003, this cat and rabbit have been making slow progress toward marriage equality. A fun anime-ish music video series. DVD coming soon!
I did NOT know they were up to episode 5.


Ezoo: Tech Zoos Without Captivity (Ends: 2/9/2016): An impressive multimedia alternative to zoos, “cleverly” disguized as a so-so plushy kickstarter

…Coming soon?

Fur Vs Scale (Not Yet Launched): An anthro mammals vs reptiles fighting card game, going to Kickstarter February 16. Art by Tylthul.

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