Furfunding Week in review 12-14-14


This week’s illustration is from the Isidore Tarot, now on Indiegogo. 

ycjhh12-14-14I’m a little late on this one, but it was a one-week project, and I really only check Indiegogo once a week. But it’s a neat example of using Indiegogo as a commission-organizing engine, which is pretty cool.

The project in question is Tato‘s “Toys for Tots” project. Tato’s a babyfur artist, and if an intensely sappy “Christmas at the Orphanage” style picture isn’t a place for babyfur art to shine, it’s an unjust universe.

I’ve put the base YCH at left, but here’s a link to the larger original. Like a lot of YCH images it’s busy edging into claustrophobic–in this case though it’s for a good cause and the multiplicity of bodies is a Good Thing–it’s all a fundraiser for Toys for Tots, with all proceeds going to that charity.

But let’s look at the trees and not the forest, that is after all the point of this blog. As a tool for managing a YCH project, this seemed to work well–all the character slots were claimed within five days. Awesome, and $500 or so going to a worthy cause! And Tato even used Indiegogo’s “Verified Nonprofit” process so that fees are reduced and the donations are, well, donations, so you can write off your empampered foxling.

On the downside, while she DID meet her goal (and thus reduced fees from 12% to 9%, or I guess 6.5% with the nonprofit discount), there are a few more slots available for “your name on a stocking.” The lesson seems to be that you can’t really take the “C” out of YCH, even as a charity fundraiser–there’s still a few days left though, so claim one of those stockings and prove me wrong. It’s for a good cause.

I’m curious to know why Tato went with Indiegogo instead of the possibly more lucrative YCH Bidding War that seems to be the standard model for this sort of thing. There are a LOT of characters, and IGG’s probably easier to wrangle the dollars for. On the other paw, this model seems to take away from a lot of the “oh, I want to be the one sleeping by the fire!” that’s a part and parcel of YCH-land. Though maybe that’s a good thing and saves her a few headaches.

Anyway, only three more days to fill up those stockings! Good luck, Tato!

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


New Projects


Toys for Tots (Ends: 12/15/2014)
Charitable YCH type image from Babyfur artist Tato, Santa bringing gifts to the kids.
This is a use of Indiegogo that I haven’t seen before, managing a YCH auction. Hmm. Also, all commission slots taken, it’s still interesting.

The Isidore Tarot (Ends: 2/10/2015)
Victorian/Renaissance art stylings with a strong clip art vibe in this heavily anthro tarot art deck.
I’m a sucker for tarot decks.


Monsters of Fear and Wonder (Ends: 1/28/2015)
Fabulously detailed kaiju artbook and field guide


Leaf Peeping (Ends: 12/23/2014)
Tee shirt design by Michele Light, for fox and cheesecake lovers. Also the “Candlelight” design stretch goal, for snow leopard lovers!

Comics/Graphic Novels

Globcow (Ends: 12/31/2014)
Comic about a little demon earning his angel wings, and a pig in a trenchcoat (?)
Brightly-colored, loosely pokemon-inspired manga.


Mr. Sparklzz (Ends: 1/10/2015)
Web series: Three dysfunctional siblings, a witch, and a sassy cat. Live action. It’s a guy with a cat nose.
I actually do like this, it’s cute. Very “indie theater.”

Scampenstein (Ends: 2/1/2015)
Gothic horror animation and a “Dickens-meets-Shelley” animated–and reanimated–dog hero.

Panda Oki Animated Pilot (Ends: 2/8/2015)
Frenetic little manga pandas in an Invader Zim style by Anthony Jappa
Unfortunately this seems to be one of those ‘try to fund-raise without outreach by leaving the campaign up as long as possible’ pages. Oh, and flexible funding. Sigh.

Tabletop Games

Game Over: Holiday Leftovers (Ends: 1/4/2015)
80s-tastic card game with 8bit heroes colliding in a fast-moving party game.

12-14-14dragonCare and Feeding of Baby Dragons (Ends: 1/21/2015)
It’s an art book, deck of playing cards, educational resource. Everything you wanted to know about horribly cute baby dragons!


Dragon head and fantasy Challenge Coins (Ends: 12/20/2014)
Ongoing series of fantasy challenge coins, with Cerebus, dragons, and now, owlbear.
Goal met!

Shibai and Friends (Ends: 1/7/2015)
Cuddly plush shiba, pink lion, artbat, panda-mermaid. Very cute line of plushes, badges, and tags by Shibai

Video Games

Atakapu (Ends: 1/26/2015)
Speedrun platformer with a furry, three-eyed alien and his wide variety of power-up costumes. The blue wolf of doom is extremely that thing.


Kerekerdő Lakói – Újratöltve (Ends: 1/6/2015)
12-14-14squirrelsThis is your basic obscene super-cartoony, Ren-and-Stimpy esque smut. But it’s in Hungarian, which adds an element of mystery.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Hentai (Offbeatr Voting Period)
Well, I really can’t describe this project better than the title, can I. Lots of sample pages.

…Just for fun

Iron Sky (Ends: 12/20/2014): Adolf Hitler rides a T-Rex into battle! Lizard people nazis! Probably the Grade Z sci-fi event of the year.
Das Fang (Ends: 12/31/2014): Shot glasses built in a fang–or possibly walrus tusk–motif. Two together? Vampire. More than that looks kind of strange.


Teach Kids how to Save Energy (Ends: 1/18/2015): Spectacularly bad mascot suit. Worst squirrel ever. Wow. It’s coming after me with a golf club.

Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Let’s see…most recently, I threw $5 at “Toys for Tots” because, pick one: 1) it’s a good cause, 2) Tato would list me as a contributor, or 3) I wouldn’t have to edit my blog post if she was over goal. I’m pledging for the Isidore Tarot now, because I don’t have enough tarot decks in my life and that clip art aesthetic, really appealing. Lastly, a dumb-but-fun “game of hilarious medical disasters” called “Medicine Whoops,”  which looks a little crude but has some fun ideas.I really wanted to back the amazingly stupid/charming Minimal Nativity Set, which would be an awesome little thing, but it was a bit expensive for what it was anyway (£23), and then there was an extra £11 for international shipping, which was just too much this time of year for a ha-ha.

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