Furfunding Week in Review 12-22-13

Furfunding Week in Review 12-8-13

This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for The Bunny Story by Sheharzad Arshad.

Still only a trickle of furry-friendly projects this week–well, these two weeks–but some really strong ones! In particular, Antilia stands out as what’ll probably be the big furry crowdfunding project of the year, a richly-realized anthro fantasy MMORPG.

This week’s reviews: Antilia of course; an assortment of adult projects on Offbeatr; Face recognition and red panda fun with Facerig; and the strange world of Art of an Alien Planet.


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New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!


The Schizo Cats of Louis Wain (Ends: 1/10/2014)
A 2014 calendar featuring the 100-year-old psychadelic and surreal art of Louis Wain, cat fancier. Amazing stuff.

Animals of North America: A Whimsical Nature Study (Ends: 1/18/2014)
Charming and ridiculously life-sized static cling decals of bears, lynx, and other wildlife


The Bunny Story (Ends: 1/17/2014)
Charming bunnies in times of war, strife, and violence. Not a children’s book, but in the style of one, touched with horror.
Reminds me a bit of “Maus,” one of the anthro comics that helped kick off the modern Indie comic movement. Conceptually, at least, much cuter than Maus.

Art of an Alien Planet (Ends: 2/19/2014)
Dark and detailed encyclopedia of alien life on a far-away superearth.
More of Rose Morgan‘s art on FurAffinity.

Children’s Products

Pandoo Nation (Ends: 1/20/2014)
Game and social networking project with activities for kids, featuring cute little meerkat folk.


Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2014 (Ends: 2/10/2014)
Fundraiser for Salt Lake City’s ponycon


FaceRig (Ends: 2/5/2014)
Webcam-based platform that transforms your face into an articulate, animated avatar. It’s very “Avatar.”
OMG RED PANDA. Smug red panda, flirty red panda…so much panda.

Video Games

Antilia (Ends: 1/28/2014)
MMORPG featuring anthro animals in a rich, magical world.
At least one of Antilia’s artists, Tettix, is sharing on FurAffinity, more info there!


Horse Hung (Offbeatr Prevoting Period)
Graphic novel project: gym bunnies (and boars), a little coming-out drama, and a lot of full-frontal.

…Also By Furs

Skink’s snake plushies (Ends: 1/15/2014): Cartoony and cute plush snakes by Paint on FundMe. (Friends don’t let friends use FundMe.)


Stop the Yu-Lin Dog Meat Festival (Ends: 2/9/2014): Campaign to advocate for dogs and animal welfare in China and Taiwan, and end a dogs-as-meat annual festival

…Just For Fun

Jaguardini (Ends: 1/17/2014): 8 bit and 16 bit-infused electronica, animal imagery and a fuzzy cat hat. Fun logo with a CGA jaguar. Is he a furry? I’m not sure…maybe in an alternate life…
Flicks for Fido (Ends: 1/29/2014): Dog’s-eye view movies for Fido, shot with a dog’s frame rate and color palette in mind. Interesting background noise for a meet!

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