Furfunding Week in Review 3-10-14

This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for the pajama-enabled, twisty-flippy platformer The Land of Eyas.

Meanwhile, in crowdfundingland, spring seems to have thawed the frozen glacier of projects on Kickstarter, and Patreon–well, that was a sort of geyser thing that never really slowed down. Lots of new projects! If I’ve forgotten yours (particularly Patreon posters, they’re not as time-sensitive and for some reason Patreon lets me uncover incomplete projects…) my apologies, life is what it is.

foxfeatherOne artist on Patreon that’s near and dear to my heart, literally, I’m wearing her work now–Foxloft, maker of the tribal-style tagua pendants that seem to be everywhere at the cons, just opened up a Patreon page! Patreons–ah, patrons–get access to a free video stream and chat (so you can lobby for your favorite critters), or “gimme” boxes of randomness from an artist that so many furries wear proudly.

Reviews this week (and there really should be more, but…RL…) include an overdue look at “Penguins vs. Possums,” and a charmingly weird or weirdly charming infernal romp with “Adopt a Demon,” a product of my home town, Austin!



New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


Adopt-a-Demon (Ends: 4/4/2014)
Sure, everybody’s accidentally summoned the hellspawn, but remember, a demon isn’t just for a séance, it’s for life. Beautiful and weird line-art demons.
I just have to say, I love my home town and the weird stuff it turns out.

Children’s Product

Tiger Stripes (Ends: 3/25/2014)
A cute matching and math game for parents and kids. Help tiger cubs earn their stripes!

Wee Beasties (Ends: 4/6/2014)
An owlbear (and other classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters) get ready for bed in this easter-egg-intensive illustrated children’s book.

Comics/Graphic Novels

The Bold Tales of ‘Whiskers’ McFadden (Ends: 3/30/2014)
Action! Adventure! Hairballs! A “Hellboy”-esque pulp graphic novel.

Wolf and Man (Ends: 4/3/2014)
A graphic novel set in the paleolithic past, the “first boy-and-his-dog” story. More of a wolf though.

Midwinter Vol. 1 (Ends: 4/7/2014)
A very wolfy occult investigator teams up with a scientist in this modern fantasy. More on the artist’s DeviantArt.
Okay, I don’t *know* that he’s a werewolf, but if it howls like a duck…

The Oswald Chronicles (Ends: 4/18/2014)
A charming gentleman mouse and his adventures in a fantasy universe, web-to-print graphic novel.

Rat Rage webcomic (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Pngoing support for “Rat Rage,” Robaato‘s DeviantArt webcomic

“Fur-Piled” and “Perception” webcomic (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Patreon funding for Arthur Husky‘s “Perception” and “Fur-Piled” comics


Foxfeather Studios Tagua Tribal Art (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Foxfeather, whose tagua tribal totem pendants are ubiquitous in the fandom, opens her portfolio for previews and freebies on Patreon.

Video Games

Dark Skyes (Ends: 4/5/2014)
A pony dating sim and RPG of epic scope (and pretty solid artwork!)

Kitten Dump (Ends: 4/6/2014)
Twitch/reflex VG. Only one thing stands between dogs catapulting innocent kittens into a ravine and…ah…a ravine. YOU! Move quick!

…Just for fun

Design Unscripted (Ends: 4/21/2014): A fascinating collection of illustration and design by 25 artists (some furry, some fantasy, some of everything!)

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    Stephen Hoskins March 18, 2014


    Thanks for posting an image from our video game!!! That’s so cool!

    And on furstarter no less… You know there is a piece in The Land of Eyas entitled, ‘The Gift of Furry.’ (It’s a sign!)


    I’m glad that we share the same affinity for all things fur-related. =P

    Thanks again!



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      Corbeau March 20, 2014

      Neat! Glad to give y’all a call-out, good luck on the campaign!

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