Furfunding Week in Review 3-23-14

Furfunding Week in Review 3-23-14

This week’s illustration is from the IGG campaign for the “Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf” graphic novel.

Once again, I seem to have forgotten what happens when I skip a week, so there’s LOTS of new projects!

One minor apology for my artist friends, I’m having problems wrapping my head around how to handle Patreon pages. The way I’m doing it is work-intensive and not really very useful. In a few weeks I’m picking up a new WordPress theme and redoing those pages, but in the meantime, I won’t be updating the Patreon materials. Sorry about that! It’s just super-slow the way I was coding them. The website may be down, or fugly, for a few days while I convert the posts over to the new theme.

Reviews this…weeks…for the Battle Badges badgeable con game, a pair of graphic novels (The Oswald Chronicles and Hounds of Love), the latest Ironclaw project, and the epic “Anthrology” art collection.



New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


mylittleddemon“My Little Demon” 2015 calendar (Ends: 4/17/2014)
A charming and/or horrid 16-month calendar by Heather V Kreiler

Anthrology Artbook (Ends: 5/18/2014)
40 artists get together for a huge, ambitious cross-section art anthology!

Kigai Holt’s Were Art (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Lycanthrope and furry art in markers and watercolor pencils by Kigai Holt.


Light of the White Bear (Ends: 4/9/2014)
“An animal epic about polar bears, science, faith, and man, set in the wilds of the Arctic.” Anthropathic animal story by the animal-fantasy author of “Firebringer.”

First Date (Ends: 4/30/2014)
A fairly cut-and-dried ‘first gay experience’ novella by Saila Yumako
This project is a little underwhelming, but so few furry writing projects in crowdfundingspace!

Comics/Graphic Novels

Ignis Fatuus (Ends: 4/11/2014)
A small-town supernatural mystery GN with art by Latex
Super-slow start on this one.

Hounds of Love (Ends: 5/1/2014)
Slice of life romance in a gently picasso-esque style by Julian Bynoe

Wuffle, The Big Nice Wolf: Year 2 (Ends: 5/15/2014)
Web-to-print graphic novel of Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf by Piti Yindee.
This is the perfect crossroad of old-school socute style anime and wolves.

Bad Furry (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Snark–but loving snark–from The Bad Furry. Not quite ready for prime time patreon page, but fun stuff.
There’s always the “is it funny?” factor with humor that’s down on furs, but this seems to actually be from a voice that enjoys the fandom unironically.

Con Funding

Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2.0 (Ends: 4/30/2014)
A funding relaunch for the Salt Lake City ponycon


Wolf Or-7 Expedition (Ends: 4/16/2014)
Documentary: a 1,200 mile expedition following the journey of a unique lone wolf.

“Ignite” (Ends: 4/30/2014)
A stop motion animation film about a knight on an epic quest to eat a dragon-roasted hot dog!

Slaughter Horse (NSFW-ish) (Ends: 5/16/2014)
A strange indie horror movie WIP featuring a man, a horse costume, barbed strap-on, and BLOOD.
I know at some point we went into this guy’s headspace in the strange world of “Fake Horse,” but I can’t find the blog post. Aw.

Mapena @ Mapchu (Ends: 5/18/2014)
Disturbingly cute little kittens and their animated short videos. They’re like gummi kittens with stars in them, really.

The Bedfellows (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
The furry world’s most dysfunctional gay couple–well, maybeprobably–hit the road on a fundraising campaign. Help the creator tell is day dob to “shove it!”

Tabletop Games

Battle Badges (Ends: 4/11/2014)
Customizable and wearable combat game/con badges by Skulldog and Bazil Remblai
Tabletop games? Toys? Art? Hard time categorizing this one!

Ironclaw: Book of Adventures (Ends: 4/17/2014)
Book of adventure modules and story hooks for the Ironclaw anthro tabletop RPG.

28mm Teddy Bear Tales (Ends: 4/20/2014)
Sturdy, stompy little teddy bear minis for all your teddy bear miniature wargaming needs, from the Teddy Bear Tales universe.


Creature Creations (Ends: 4/11/2014)
Poseable, unique, handmade art-doll totems by Rhiannon Easton
Given that this has been out for a few days and is sitting at $0, I think the author isn’t really working the system…

Video Games

Alpaca Party (Ends: 4/8/2014)
A pet-ranching and collecting game featuring that rarest of animals, the Sparkle Alpaca. Turn on your Tibetian rave music now.

Bear Simulator (Ends: 4/17/2014)
A video game simulation that lets you live the dream. The bear dream. If you have that dream. Just enjoy your salmon.
Surpassed its $30K goal! Go bears!


The Epic Loads Bestiary (Offbeatr Voting Period)
A very, very gay look at fantasy monsters, with anthros, satyrs, and a tentacle penis demon. Lots of demons, really.
Not yet launched, but past its voting goal. Hello artist?

…Also by Furries

Cataclysm: A Post-Human Art Book (Ends: 4/5/2014): A photography book of miniatures focusing on the post-human world, by Zakorath

…Just for fun

Fairy Tale Postcards (Ends: 4/11/2014): Elegent fairy tale/Anime-inspired postcards. The first one was Little Red Riding Hood, I was hooked.
Chibi Steampunky Cthulhu Mythos Minis (Ends: 4/24/2014): Chibi Cthulhu minis with big eyes and lots of tentacles. So much to love.
All Bunnies Eat Carrots (Ends: 4/26/2014): A silly and cute all-ages game about bunnies, carrots, and apparently, gators.

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