Furfunding Week in Review 4-14-14

Furfunding Week in Review 4-14-14

This week’s illustration is from the Kickstarter for the video game, RATS: Running out of Time!

A modest collection of new projects, though from what I’ve seen on Twitter, discussion is dominated by Armello, which is halfway to goal–can they make it, or is this the next high-profile furry crowdfunding fumble? Time will tell, but they’re off to an amazing start, with good marketing within and outside the fandom.

In my experience, I have absolutely no ability to “pick ’em.” But it really does look like a nice product…


armello-small pandemonium-small

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


Rukis on Patreon (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Artist and graphic novel storyteller Rukis crowdfunds an upcoming adult project (and her ongoing artwork)


Pandamonium: Steampunk Panda Adventure (Ends: 6/10/2014)
An illustrated 100-page novel; in a world where grizzlies and polar bears fight endless war, where does a polar bear airship pirate captain stand? Where indeed…
Art by Patrick Scullin, check Kickstarter for preview copy of the book!


The Roars (Ends: 5/28/2014)
Stylized cat-ear headphones for bluetooth devices
Virtually no traffic here. I’m actually surprised they don’t have more funders, cost per unit a little high maybe?


The FoulPlay Fantastic Fox Hunt (Ends: 5/7/2014)
Part flash mob, part fox hunt, live action human foxes bursting through the hedges pursued by riders and horses with coconut shells.
More than once this week, I’ve wished that I was British.

Video Games

Armello (Ends: 5/8/2014)
A traditional Danish/German style board game, a Magic: The Gathering influenced card game, uplifted into a multiplayer tablet/PC game
After week one, halfway to goal. This looks like an exciting project if they maintain their momentum! Review on Furstarter.

Rats: Time is Running Out! (Ends: 5/18/2014)
Fast-paced clasic Gauntlet/PacMan style cats-and-mouse, cops-and-robbers game


PetPlayPalace (Offbeatr Pre-Vote Period)
Pet-play videos and photo gallery. Mostly girls in cat ears, but they promise some variety.
NSFW teasers at petplaypalace.com. Pink, fluffy, and unsubtle as heck.

Soft Serve Swirl (Offbeatr Pre-Vote Period)
chubby muscley bears by White Wolfster meet at CHUBBS (A gym? Creamery? Bar? Exotic dance spot with well-fortified catwalk?) in this 3-issue comic series.

…Coming Soon

Sanctum Polis (Coming Soon): A 32-bit game of investigation, fantasy, and dreamquests (also on FurAffinity)

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