Furfunding Week in Review 4-27-14

This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for Claiming 2014 by Cassandra Rounds. 

Hard at work–well, allegedly at work–on the Patreon webpages, and finally cleaned those up and started adding new content! It’s all a bit “write up five, find 10 more.” Pushing a boulder uphill, if that boulder was filled with foxes. A lot of the other weird little errors fixed as well, I’m overall pleased with the new WordPress theme and the new site. 50 shades of green!

Reviews this weekcycle: Illustrated novel “Caelum Sky” and “Dog with a Mission” platformer/explorer, “Buck.”


buckgamethumb caelumskythumb

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


Claiming 2014 (Ends: 5/19/2014)
Strangely liquid animal imagery and dripping spectra in this print/tee series

Willo Resin Sculpture (Ends: 5/22/2014)
I am not, exactly, sure what a Willo is, but they’re cute and kind of lumpy and have antlers, so maybe they need to exist.
Met goal!


Ponyville Wub House (Ends: 6/22/2014)
Bronie dubstep radio show to be hosted by Fillydelphia


The Magician’s Cat (Ends: 5/7/2014)
Delicate water color and children’s storybook line art in this take of goblins, griffins, and a magical cat…

Caelum Sky Illustrated (Ends: 5/19/2014)
A story of a spirit who finds herself in the body of a demon (well, a dinosaur-dragon thing, supercute)
Artwork by Firefeathers

Comics/Graphic Novels

Bosco & Fleet: Detectives of the Occult Sciences (Ends: 5/11/2014)
A sentient octopus and a thuggish ape fight Occult crime in Victorian England. Huh.

Tales of the Wolfman (Ends: 5/16/2014)
A lanky, lanky werewolf and his romance with Red. Art and comics.
More information on Instant Press Comics

MIRRORS.EXE (Ends: 5/25/2014)
A post-apocalypse, Supers story of quests and mystery
Slow start, super-low (possibly dangerously low) goal. Not sure what to make of this one.

The Adventures of Ribbit and Snibbbet (Ends: 6/9/2014)
“Think LOST meets Winnie the Pooh…” Post-apoc, steampunk village populated by swamp and pond animals, with a few rabid weasels for good measure.
Graphic novel proposal, with a side of animated series and charitable organization? Yay Indiegogo…


BioHazardous Creations (Ends: 5/14/2014)
This IS the first fursuit project I’ve seen on Kickstarter, so Biohazardus deserves a look for that, but…slow start…
Kickstarter’s for project launches and entrepreneurship, not for a pure commission project, and I think it’s hitting Bio’s support base. That, and no internet presence.


Chasing Stars (Ends: 5/18/2014)
A stop-motion short about Laika, the first animal to explore (?) space.
Remember: Laika is a subject matter that practically guarantees an unhappy ending…

Luigi’s Ladies (Ends: 5/19/2014)
A one-woman musical launching in Chicago featuring the life and conquests of Luigi the Leopard, cereal mascot and serial lover
Slow beginning, probably a non-starter, but an amusing concept.

We Are Monsters (Ends: 5/25/2014)
Indie horror film featuring three young boys and their transformations into strange animal creatures.
By Olivia Vaughn, maker of the documentary “Fursonas

Tiger Creek (Ends: 5/27/2014)
Documentary about exotic pet ownership from the eyes of wildlife refuges and breeders

Video Games

The Runners (Ends: 5/24/2014)
A parkour/survival stealth-platform game. Is it furry? I’m not sure, but the main character hides his secrets behind a fox mask, so…maybe.

Buck: A Game About a Real Dog (Ends: 5/28/2014)
Metroidvania type game: a dog with a gun, looking for his lost love in a surreal desert town…


The Epic Loads Bestiary (Ends: 6/15/2014)
A strange journey through a land of very, very male monsters. And an otter or two. Seriously NSFW.
Artwork by Pedrono. Already past its very modest $350 goal.

…Coming Soon

Sanctum Polis (Coming Soon): A 32-bit game of investigation, fantasy, and dreamquests (also on FurAffinity. Check out their trailer!)

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