Furfunding Week in Review 4-6-14

This week’s illustration is from the Kickstarter campaign for the “Animalia” playing card set.

A bit of a slow week in the world of furry crowdfunding, no projects really jumped out, so I took a week off to work on reformatting furstarter.com with a new theme that actually shows all the projects (instead of a blank screen, argh) and will help show off Patreon pages. It’s definitely a work in progress, but you can see how Patreon stuff will show up here–broken down by category, of course.

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


Rabbit Tarot (reprint) (Ends: 4/24/2014)
An illustrated, bunny-focused tarot, water color, very children’s fantasy style art.
Over goal!

Artworks for Plus Bodies (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Furry art and portraits with plus-sized (but not unrealistic) figures by Michael Tangherlini.
Tangherlini is also working on an apocalyptic fairy tale RPG over on WordPress, well worth seeing!


A Different Animal (Ends: 4/22/2014)
Animal-themed instrumental/synth pieces by Camkitsune
So many words :)

Children’s Product

Cat Canyon (Ends: 5/4/2014)
Children’s book. Distracted, a child loses track of her family and ends up in a canyon of intelligent, internet-enabled cats.
That’s one serious wrong turn!

Comics/Graphic Novels

Sprocket! The Comic-Cat (Ends: 4/23/2014)
Sprocket, mascot of the Spokane Comicon, flies into action in his first comic!

Shonen King (Ends: 5/19/2014)
Shonen Jump manga parody featuring…puppies. So MANY puppies.
Lots of sample pages on their Kickstaterpage.


Eco-Friendly Vintage Tees (Ends: 4/30/2014)
B&W animal tees–the wolf and otter with guitars are particularly cute!


Zoo University (Ends: 4/22/2014)
Sort of an animated furry version of “Animal House”? Which is ironic. Drunken college humor.
…halfway to goal. Huh.

Catladies: The Musical (Ends: 4/25/2014)
Political parody and constitutional cat lady lawyers in this NYC off-broadway musical
Looks like a bit of a non-starter.

MONKEY! (Ends: 4/30/2014)
A puppet show about the Monkey King! Not everybody can get to the UK, but you can see their work on Youtube

Bear Hug (Ends: 5/2/2014)
Live Action/2D story of imaginary friends, growing up, and a bear.
If this succeeds, I’m going need a box of tissues, I’m a sucker for “growing up” films.

Tabletop Games

Animalia: Tails Imperium cards (Ends: 4/23/2014)
Sparkling playing cards featuring chibi-ish and manga animals in a variety of fantasy roles
Over goal and working on stretch goals!

Evil Ponies (Ends: 5/10/2014)
Pewter pony villainy and horror for your tabletop mini gaming, from the team that brought you Pewter Ponies

Video Games

Flying Hamster II (Ends: 5/4/2014)
Newton the Hamster: swordfighter and dragon slayer! Sidescrolling RPG with a transforming, flying critter hero.

…Also by Furries

The Witch’s Kitchen (Ends: 5/14/2014): A cruelty-free cosmetics shop opening in Michigan, courtesy of Anastasia


DogeCards (Ends: 5/4/2014): A kind of cute, kind of funny card game featuring memehound Doge and his transplanetary adventures. And cryptocurrency. Because nothing’s funnier than a product based on a meme.

…Coming Soon

Griffin Ranger: The Novel (Coming Soon): Check out Rgibson’s Video for his upcoming Kickstarter, “Griffin Ranger.” Birds with guns!

…Just for fun

Dancers of WAR (Ends: 4/30/2014): 3rd-person shooter featuring weaponized dance, the creator of Johnny Bravo and the founder of Depeche Mode and Erasure. There is nothing that isn’t awesome here, except for the long, slow climb to goal.

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