Furfunding Week in Review 7-20-14

This week’s illustration is from the cute mythological card deck “Mythic Chibi Playing Cards,” now on Kickstarter

The endless stream of “potato salad” projects seems to be abating on Kickstarter, which is a good thing, although now Indiegogo is being infected with them.

In the final analysis, the only strength Kickstarter has–which is major–is that it sorts things by date. This is super-helpful if you want to see everything that’s being crowdfunded, but with tons of random stuff clogging up the pipe, maybe less meaningful. Indiegogo has a few useful tools Kickstarter doesn’t–an image gallery, the ability to have multiple members of your team, Paypal (in our youth-dominated fandom, this is a minor but solid edge)…I personally think their “flexible funding” thing is not a benefit at all, since people use it as the default without really considering the hit they can take to their credibility and business plan.

Yap, yap, yap. The two platforms seemed to have arrived at a consensus on the “anything goes!” front. This means that Kickstarter will probably be MUCH more friendly to adult projects, which is helpful for many artists. But on the other paw, there really isn’t a “professional face of crowdfunding” anymore, which maybe a sign that the bubble isn’t burst, but maybe the balloon is deflating.

Reviews this week: Zhivagod’s DIY character reference sheet, FCLG’s animated short, and Sand and Shadows, the sequel to “Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb.”


New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!


Zhivago’s Ultimate Reference Sheet (Ends: 8/18/2014)
A new edition of Zhivagod‘s DIY Character Reference Sheet photoshop project, a walk-through to help anyone make their own anthro reference sheet–with feral options as the stretch goal!


Audiobook: Captive of the Red Vixen (Ends: 8/15/2014)
Audio book version of the furry romance novel from the Red Vixen Adventures series.
Check the author on livejournal.

mrdogbuttonChildren’s Products

Mr Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn (Ends: 8/14/2014)
Victorian-art inspired graphics make this Christmas story lively and intensely creepy. Mr. Dog tells his friends about the story of Santa Claus.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf Year 1 (Ends: 7/20/2014)
Friendly, retro-anime wolves, foxes, and other furries by Piti Yindee
I think this was funding on IndieGogo like three months ago, but it’s supercute…


Magicorn (Ends: 8/7/2014)
A soft plush unicorn hood/scarf with golden horn and pastel rainbow mane.

Whimsical Acrylic Charms (Ends: 8/9/2014)
Cute little cartoon fantasy-inspired charms.
I should just go and make charms their own category. Really.

Poke’pins (Ends: 8/12/2014)
Tiny little pokemon buttons by YasukawaDesu


Forever, Rabbit (Ends: 8/11/2014)
Indie film about an introverted fellow who works as a rabbit mascot for a local flower shop, falling in love and/or obsession.

Anime FcLife Ep 2 (Ends: 8/31/2014)
A charming, cheerful animation of a group of furries and their friends, based on the FCLG artist group’s comics. Check Episode 1.

Video Games

The Deer God (Ends: 7/23/2014)
3D/pixel metroidvania-Ecco the Dolphin game about surviving as a deer.
Much less creepy than Goat Simulator. And well past goal!

Zippin Quest: The Dark Kingdom (Ends: 8/15/2014)
Zelda/Metroid inspired game, a mouse warrior on a 2D quest.
GREAT concept art, but who knows what that’ll translate into.

Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows (Ends: 8/19/2014)
point and click game and webcomic in a future where humans have vanished, and the dominant species are tribes of anthro animals.
Sequel to “”


Kaze: Winds of Change (Ends: 8/4/2014)
Illustrated audio drama prequel for the 2004 animated short, Kaze: Ghost Warrior
Full disclosure, this is my pet project. So please donate $32000 right now so I don’t have to do it again!

…Also by furries

Blaine Blows His Top Children’s Book Series (Ends: 7/31/2014): A children’s book series about figures of speech, art by Chibi-Marrow

…Just for fun

Phoenix – Dragon Mutant Vehicle (Ends: 8/5/2014): Every year amazing projects drift across the Playa at Burning Man. Check out this amazing dragon art car.


Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?

Current crowdfunding dollars going to Eliza Rickman’s quirky new album, which I stumbled across in the Night Vale fandom. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Pacific Hotline’s debut album–I *think* they’re both furries, but mostly I love 80s retro! And, of course, Terrene Odyssey, I’ve been watching this project for over a year now and really want to see it take off…finally :) Good luck, Chris!

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