Furfunding Week in Review: 8-17-14

This week’s illustration is from Roo’s Chibi Character Sheet

This is a silly little thing, but today I noticed that you can “feature” a pledge level in Indiegogo. Neat! I first stumbled across this in Mordrude’s Monster Manual. Now, normally, the prices and pledges are organized from, you know, the $1 “because you love us (expect NOTHING for your love) down to $27,000 “The creator will donate a kidney to save your child’s life.” But it’s easy to lose the, you know, $45 package that’s the meat-and-potatoes level.

With this bit of functionality, you can shove the feature price up to the top! Nifty :) A really clever little bit of usefulness, there!

Anyway, lots of projects this “week” considering I updated everything last Wednesday…

Reviews this week: Returning to the world of “FERAL” with Dr Dubz, and Mordred’s Monster Manual.



For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


Roo’s DIY Character Concept Sheet (Ends: 9/9/2014)
Chibi character references and designs by MonsterRoo

Comics/Graphic Novels

MegaFauna (Ends: 9/9/2014)
A comic anthology about wild animals, pets and monsters. Not terribly furry, but interesting theme.

Owlgirls #2 (Ends: 9/22/2014)
A return of four creepy avian anthro detectives. Hard to explain.
I was amazed to see Owlgirls #1 at my local comic shop, but my local comic shop spends nearly as much time on Kickstarter as I do.

Feral: Part 2 (Ends: 9/27/2014)
DrDubz’s furry action manga returns for a second round of gritty, urban brutality. Already at goal!


Tricera Hi-Tops (Ends: 9/11/2014)
According to the project page, “solving society’s problem of a lack of wearable dinosaurs.”
Weirdly, this one’s nearly at goal.


Bronies! The Musical (Ends: 9/9/2014)
What can I say that isn’t summarized right there in the title?!

Super Fantastic Jurassick Parkour 4 (Ends: 9/12/2014)
Animation: the adventures of four anthro saurians.
Some projects I include because they’re funny, not because they’re going to succeed. Rather the opposite.


Monkey Horse Cop: Puppets with Guns (Ends: 9/21/2014)
I can’t explain this one. There’s a monkey and a horse and they’re made of foam and fluff.

…Also by furs

Bad Decisions (Ends: 11/21/2014): A party game of, well, bad decisions, by Ian Price, who Kickstarted Kitsune: Foxes and Fools last year.


Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Wondering if I can get enough pennies together to back “FERAL!”

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