8-31-14 Furfunding Highlights


This week’s illustration is from the animation project, Gym Rat Squad.

I have been up to my elbows in smutty projects lately. On and off I’ve been bookmarking and skimming adult projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to see how those projects fly, and what the general range of acceptability is.

Weirdly, Indiegogo allows porn but not nudity–kind of–and Kickstarter allows nudity but not porn.

To clarify, Indiegogo will let you fund almost anything, as long as the content on their home page isn’t objectionable or illegal, but they want to keep their site family friendly. Outright pornography may actually be beyond the Indiegogo pale, I haven’t seen that tested yet (of course, that could be because the pages got pulled down, it’s hard to say.) At the end of the day, though, they don’t want nudity on their page, which seems to be their biggest sticking point.

Kickstarter has rules against pornography, even as a reward/project, so you can’t post a project with pornographic content and just not display imagery. However, they have no problem at all with artistic nudity, even on their project pages. I have seen evidence that male nudity is much less artistic than female nudity, but it’s not something I have the ability to prove.

Anyway, that’s where my head’s been. The world needs to know.

Reviews this week: Cartoon cuteness with Lizardbeth on Patreon, and wacky porn tabletop RPG adventures with FAPP.



For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


Page Ponies (Ends: 9/25/2014)
Minimalist pony bookmarks

Laura Garabedian’s Art (Patreon ongoing funding)
Laura Garabedian‘s Patreon page, helping fund cards, graphic novels, and other non-commission projects.

Lizardbeth’s Art (Patreon ongoing funding)
LizardBeth‘s Patreon page, funding comics, lattes, and other art.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Mice and Man (Ends: 9/16/2014)
Sentient animals battle and scheme in a post-apocalyptic future

Mungo Moves In (Ends: 9/19/2014)
The definitive comic handbook for adopting or living with rescued cats. Featuring surly, surly Mungo.

Weaselmeizter’s Debute (Ends: 9/26/2014)
A bit TMNT, a bit Rocket Racoon–four weasel bounty hunters protecting the galaxy for criminals.

infernalpactThe Infernal Pact (Ends: 9/29/2014)
A “Grindhouse” style comic miniseries featuring werewolves, junkies, and a deal with the devil.

Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders (Ends: 10/3/2014)
Armed and angry stuffed animals defend cdreamtime from the Bogeyman. More on the Teddy Bear Tales website.


Gym Rat Squad (Ends: 10/29/2014)
Seven rats take on the basketball establishment.
No funding after a full day. This isn’t going to happen. Pity, nice character designs.


Odd Bird Badges (Ends: 10/1/2014)
Stylized fandom badges for Whovians and other fandoms


Deer Neil (Ends: 9/29/2014)
Webcomic, a geeky deer living his geeky life.
This looks cute, but I can’t get any idea of what the comic looks like beyond one image in the video. Creator’s website is kind of useless.


FAPP (Ends: 9/14/2014)
A furry erotic tabletop fantasy RPG. To the best of my knowledge, set in a dark high fantasy world where the gods have decreed that bloody combat and powerful magics shall be replaced by rampant buggery. Masterminded by Lemuel.
Yes, I’m buying a copy of this. No, I cannot explain my actions. Please don’t tell mom.

…Coming soon?

HC SVNT DRACONES (Not yet launched): A post-human future tabletop sci-fi RPG.
Dreamkeepers: Vol. 4 (Not yet launched): In a colorful world, our alter-egos protect our sleeping selves from nightmare. Vol. 4 coming soon to Kickstarter.

…Just For Fun

Holographic Brogues (Ends: 9/27/2014): Holographic dress shoes for the super-fancy techno full dress raves!
Gamer Logic Tees (Ends: 9/30/2014): “Find Leaf: Become Raccoon” and other tees based on 8-bit silliness from our cumulative childhoods.


Mulmino (Ends: 10/21/2014): Many of you may remember Mulmino. From your dreams. I’m excited to see the Mulmino return to Indiegogo for another round of inexplicable weirdness and strange reproductive practices. Go Mulmino!


Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien NightwolfWhat’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
I’ve talked about a few of the projects I’m backing this week, beginning with ongoing funding for Lizardbeth on Patreon, then FAPP, because it was too absurd not to back. So far as non-furry projects go I backed “Summoner’s Circle,” which is sort of like Chinese Checkers meets the Kabbalah meets 16th century demonology. I had no way to avoid backing this project.

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