Lizcorbeau1Furstarter is a semi-weekly review, and more frequent twitter,  covering furry crowdfunding opportunities—primarily from Kickstarter, IndieGogo and Offbeatr, but we review other sites and welcome suggestions.

We make no claims to represent the furry fandom or to know what “furry” is. Because we don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

The selection process is vetted by the highest possible standard, each selection is sniffed by THREE dogs. Generally, we look for things that we feel are of value to a large swath of the fandom, or are unusually relevant to the intersection of animals and humanity. Or are just really cute and geeky.

Generally, we will not include things that benefit a single individual (“help me get to Bronycon!”) or really local stuff. Exceptions might be made based on cuteness and novelty, but please don’t be offended if we don’t include very specific and limited-scope stuff.

Regarding adult projects, the directions furry bedroom activities can go are many and varied. I’ll do my best to use the “Does this target furs? Is it furry?” as my standard, rather than worrying about specific statistical deviations, but please drop me a note if you think I’ve mixed up “it’s not furry” with “it’s not my kink.” That sort of thing can happen.

Still working on how to handle some specific categories of projects–Patreon pages, causes, “not really GOOD but still interesting and doomed to failure,” and “just fun stuff” that’s not directly furry. Right now it’s at a cluster of smaller links at the end, right after the porn. At least that’s the plan. I’ll try to limit those to a small number, so they’ll probably go quickly instead of sticking around for a few weeks.

Best wishes, Corbeau


lizbeth2Name: Corbeau
Species: Hairless Khala/Argentine Pila Dog
Current location: Austin, Texas, probably in a coffee shop.
Interests: Writing, thrift and vintage, nonprofits, hyenas, vintage hyenas
AKA: [fades]
Other projectsThrifthorror blog
Contact: @Furstarter on Twitter, or on FurAffinity

Illustration by Lizardbeth!

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