Quick character thumbnails of our fictional selves. Please don’t feel limited by these, neither of us worries much about fine details.

Species: Spotted Hyena (no strong character design elements!)
An older male spotted hyena, a little gray, may be anthro or non-anthro.

Clothes: May have glasses or loud Hawaiian/club shirts, occasionally goes steampunk with black vest and watch chains. Pink accessories also appropriate. Sometimes wears a large pink flower tucked behind his ear. Sometimes wears a daishiki.
Interests: food (hot dogs a favorite), fennecs, flashing disco lights, audio-visual equipment, IT and networking work, role-playing and miniatures games
Personality: fluffy and with a maternal care-giving streak.
Corbeau’s mate, if relevant

Whines3 Whines2



Species: Male Argentine pila dog/hairless khala dog (basically a Mexican Hairless)
Coffee-shop hipster and professional failed writer.  Green-and-black dyed mane/headfur but no specific style. Raven and crow tattoos but no specific design. Usually anthro/two legs.
Clothes and stuff: Wears goodwill chic.  Props: battered laptop with band stickers.  May have wire-rim glasses. Generally, anthropomorphic.
Interests: blogging and writing, coffee and tea, open mike night, online arguments. Ravens.
Personality: hipster, can be sharp-edged, a little narcissistic and self-promoting.
Specific notes: “Corbeau” is a word for dark green-black, and for ravens. Whines’s mate, if relevant.
Corbeau’s breed was bred as a food animal /companion dog in South America. They’re generally nosy and curious, have jackal-like ears, tend to hate cold/heat/weather of any sort. Some of them have fur on their tails or paws or fauxhawks, Corbeau is furless except for his mane.

Corbeau2 Corbeau1



Crispin: Male snow hyena (this isn’t a thing, so whatever you think a snow hyena is is fine by me, no reference picture…)
Looks: 30-ish snow hyena. May have a blue and green patterned scarf (or shirt/vest if he’s inside or a scarf seems silly.)  Gray “I do not care about my hair” mane, unless he’s in costume.
Interests: tabletop games, role-playing games, and rules arguments. Cosplay, particularly awkward cosplay, and costume-related arts and crafts. Winter stuff in general (snow, hot chocolate…)
Notes: This is a bit of a tabula rasa/blank-slate character, I don’t really have fine details for him, he’s just a vague idea and a place for my tabletop gaming autistic streak to live.

(No picture, he’s just a rough character and can look like what he looks like.)




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