Enter the Bull: Killgore

Animated action gorefest with 1,800 pounds of psycho beefcake…


killgoreactionSomewhere in Texas, a bull with nothing to lose takes on the forces of Big Beef, armed with nothing but horns and bad attitude. And a machine gun. Bullets blast through the cheap corrugated steel of the slaughterhouse door…a dark figure strides in, the floor shaking under his hooves…and the workers know that, somehow, it’s going to get a lot bloodier.

Killgore’s creator, Joseph King, launched the Killgore Kickstarter to fund a series around his bovine action hero. Maybe you saw the original Killgore pilot? This isn’t Ferdinand.

I probably needed those...

I probably needed those…

Once upon a time there was a field of bulls, cared for and loved by the benevolent overlords of Happy Cow Inc. Meat Processing Plant. They were, in all probability, content, because that kind of defines cowness. And it was all totally peachy until slaughtering time. FYI. slaughtering time is a rough point in any cow’s life. killgoremamaKillgore woke in an empty field in a pool of his own blood, left for dead AND castrated, so there’s worse things than being left for dead. His herd, his entire family, slaughtered. Now he’s got a thirst for vengeance and a machine gun, and castration does NOTHING to curb aggression. And that’s just the pilot episode.

Killgore: The Series has some challenges. First, it’s expensive–while King has the price broken out pretty cleanly, (great infographic, Mr King). and assures us that it’s actually on the low end for professional animation, $40K is a hard target to hit, and that’s just the one episode.

KillgoresignOn the subject of high pricetags, one of the Killgore pledge points may actually be the single best “gimme” ever. You know how the action lead drops really terrible one-liners in every scene? Like “I’m taking you to the bank…the blood bank!” (thanks, Steven Seagall). Did you ever want to write one? For the low, low, scandalously low cost of $5000 (gulp!) you can have YOUR bad cow pun dropped like a precious pearl from the lips of a Killgore character. Now, that may not be worth $5000, but it IS pretty damned awesome.

Killgore: Because a bull’s gotta do what a bull’s gotta do.

Note: Images used above are included to promote the work of crowdfunding artists, and are owned by the original creator. 

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    Joseph August 24, 2014

    Hey Corbeau!
    Joseph King here (the creator). Thanks for the neat write up! Just happened to come across this while surfing the web.

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      Corbeau August 24, 2014

      Howdy! Glad to provide, it was a fun project! Sorry it didn’t pan out :)

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