Fox on Sox: Faux Paws


Faux Paws
On Kickstarter through 02/02/16

Socks1Just a little callout for a cute project! Rick Hamilton has run at least one other Kickstarter that was cute and on topic for this blog: his cutiemark socks. “Faux Paws” are his latest project, cute little fursona-styled half-calf stockings. Each one has animal patterns up and down their length, in most cases a stylized color gradient resembling the paws of a wolf, fox, or cougar (these are, respectively, the paws of Walker, Fiona, and Chloe). Presumably they’ll want their paws back someday.

LeftPawDrakeOh, wait, update: Stretch goal #1, Derek the Drake, unlocked! Dragon-socks. With a stretch goal at every $1000, there’s an excellent chance that one of a dozen or so stretch species¬†will make the cut and receive the ultimate immortality of being made into socks. On the shortlist, red and blue birds, pink kittens and puppies, bears (panda, polar, brown), bunnies, a few different dragons, and horses.

I don’t have a lot to say about this one, because it’s hard to write 200+ words about socks. Check ’em out! The kickstarter’s past goal and unlocking stretch goals already!

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