The Week in Naked (NSFW)

The latest adult projects from Offbeatr (okay, and one refugee from Kickstarter…)

Once again, a sultry figure leans against the wall, concealed by dark shadows behind the “Offbeatr” headquarters. He, or she, or possibly they, stretch a leg out, coquettishly showing a paw, and whispers in a husky voice–to clarify, a low gravely voice, though it may actually be a husky’s voice, no judging, “Don’t worry, sailor, I don’t bite. And I just got brushed so I’m not half so much an allergy trigger.”

You check your wallet, check the pledge points, and say, “Why not. They take Paypal now.”

Primal175Primal: A Fine Art Photo Series and Book
Kickstarter ending 2/11/14

primal1A few years ago there was a beautiful photo collection called “Beasts,” by David Sprigle. I guess “beautiful” is a matter of taste, it was a collection of 100 artsy, mostly black and white, photos of male models and animal imagery–sometimes pastoral, playful, monstrous, suggestive, fantastical, hot, or occasionally just plain weird. This compilation is of a kind, though it’s a little more colorful, and more “art-nude” and much less gay-porny.

primal2As a collection of human nudes, this obviously is a few steps out of the “furry fandom” world. But one of our staff criteria for fur-friendly projects are those that sit at the intersection of animal imagery and artistic fun–even if they’re not specifically anthropomorphic. This project is pretty firmly at that street corner, a collection of arty, sexy nudes bound together with a loose theme of animalistic props, poses, and plots. A portion of the portfolio is available online, so there’s some excellent sneak preview material there.

Again, not for everyone, particularly if you’re upset by real fur, or just came for the cartoons. But if you have a more totemic idea of anthropomorphism, or just like looking at attractive models playing at being feral beasts, you might like to glance over this one.

mogi175Mogi Origins
Offbeatr ending 3/18/14

Maybe Mogi is only tangentally furry, but it falls into the “fandom-friendly” world of Mario references, Neko cat girls, and big-eyed anime characters, and might be worth a look–particularly if your ears perk up at “cute kitty girls.” It’s a platformer following the side-scrolling adventures of Voms, a mechanic at the hentai equivalent of Jurassic Park. Somehow–you’d never believe it, but it’s true–an accident causes a horde of “MoGi” (monster girls) to descend upon the citizens of the island in a somewhat rapey flood.

mogi1I’ve been clicking around Offbeatr for a while now, I don’t think I’ve seen the “sex scenes as stretch goal” before. Usually sex scenes are assumed on Offbeatr. 

mogi2I’ve watched FAR more than my share of SailorMoon in my life, and I know that when the youma attack, you gotta beat some youma. Still, there’s something about playing a bouncy side-scrolling mechanic and kicking pumpkin girls in the head or beating them up with a HUGE monkey wrench that seems…a little off. I don’t know. The viewing and pledging populace seems to have made their mind up, the project’s funded with a month left on the clock. Poke around the project page or the blog–there’s a demo version there somewhere–maybe it’s good for a laugh, maybe it’s just a little sinister. Maybe I’m reading too much into it and should go back to “Primal.”

king175The King and Guin: Slaves of the Tentacle
Offbeatr ending 3/19/14

Ironically, of the video game about jiggly hentai girls with pumpkins for breasts and a gay porn fanfic about Japanese leopard-warrior Guin and Capcom’s fighting lion Leo, the two barbarian warriors locked in sticky bondage in a cavern of very…thirsty tentacle plants, the barbarians actually have bigger tits.

There. I said it. Now I can get on with this blurb.

guinFA artist Furious has a strong fan base and four comic titles already out at Furplanet, so you can check them out at the Furplanet table at the next big con. With that kind of support he’s well past is very modest goal of $600, starting to work his way through his stretch goals. I suspect that the comic’s real goal is $5000, when Furious’s muscle-loving fans will get their barbarians in full color.

There’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek here, Furious has a sense of humor and his stupendously huge barbarians are not without their occasional comedy beat. But his shtick is “fierce and muscular,” with proportions that only intersect with the real world on the occasional “One Weird Muscle-Building Trick” pop-up ad, and Guin and Leo have a lot of company in Furious’s portfolio. But if there’s not a joke buried in “a deadly cavern of cum-guzzling tentacle plants” somewhere, I’m going to be sad.

kinky174KinkyFUR Collection #1
Offbeater Pre-Voting Period

Okay, showing my ignorance. I’m not sure what a Futa girl is. Google says it’s somehow related to the federal unemployment tax, but that really doesn’t seem relevant.

KinkyFUR is a collection of anthropomorphic girls in bondage–there’s a few guys, at least one Bowser, but emphasis on thhe ladies–with a generous side of video game imagery, keeping it playful, with Mario’s cheerful red venus flytrap filling in for hentai rapetacles,

The project is being developed by two contributors. The first artist, Ligertits, looks like she’s contributed to other Offbeatr-fronted portfolios, hentai being well-represented on the internet’s crowdpornfunding home. Check her art tumblr for some of her projects. Her co-conspirator, Seinobyte, has a small gallery on SoFurry.

I’m curious to see where this goes. It’s got a high goal and is off to a slow start on Kickstarter, and I’m not seeing any real publicity on the interwebs, and neither seems to have a strong fan base on FA. Without some real effort at publicity–crowdfunding rule #1, nothing goes viral unless you MAKE it go viral–it’s going to gather dust. Still, it’s hard to know what’s going to grab Offbeatr’s attention.


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