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Fuzzy Colors (Ends: 3/5/2016)
Coloring-for-adults product with very furry content, from 11111.

Goldenwolf’s Sketchbook #3 (Ends: 3/5/2016)Goldenwolf2-16
The latest project by the perennial and very crowdfundy Were artist, Goldenwolf.

Wilybeasts! (Ends: 3/8/2016)
Garden statues and possibly a children’s book, vaguely in the style of Where The Wild Things Are.

Inktober 2015 (Ends: 3/9/2016)
Art collection by Ishaway Friestad. Having a hard time summarizing the artist’s style, sometimes minimal, sometimes intricate and stylized.
Check the artist out on Furaffinity, her work is minimal, tribal, intricate, all kinds of words.

Animal Superheroes Posters (Ends: 3/11/2016)
Superheros reinterpreted as non-anthro animals. Weird little coffee shop art project.
This one’s got a very slow start, $0 in first 10 days, so probably a nonstarter.


The Trial of the Majickal-Elders (Ends: 2/29/2016)
The third and final part of the Matlock the magical hare series, with spiraling and intricate art and vocabulary.
My opinions about the charm (high), art (good), and word-creating (strangleable) posted a few years ago

The Pride of Parahumans (Ends: 2/29/2016)
Anthro sci-fi illustrated novel by Zarpaulus.
Unfortunately, the sales story on Kickstarter doesn’t show the product well :( Decent interiorCryptids illustration though.

Compendium of North American Cryptids and Magical Creatures (Ends: 3/7/2016)
A humorous and cartoony field guide to north american cryptos (and Wyverns? Those aren’t North American!) now with TWO different werewolves!
Okay, my dog breed is sometimes misidentified as a chupacabra. Therefore, I have to like this product. Cards on the table.


Shirts are the Art We Walk In (Ends: 2/21/2016)
A beautiful nerdy lion tee, but with very little support looks like a nonstarter :(

Comics/Graphic Novels

Cyantian Chronicles V3 (Ends: 2/25/2016)
The latest web-to-print collection of Shivaecat’s Cyantian Chronicles furry sci-fantasy webcomic.

Gears and Bones Graphic Novel (Ends: 2/26/2016)
Dark and gritty, sword-and-sorcery anthro title with a deadly rabbit swordsman as the lead.
I get this comic every month because it’s a furry title, but it’s not for everyone. Very gritty and over-the-top, in the Conan style.

Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt #1 (Ends: 3/9/2016)
A mini-campaign for a duck superhero comic, with other anthro strangeness. A bit rough, but it has its charms.
Over goal. I’m on the fence about the art, it’s primitive but sometimes really works.


Pony D&D Charity Special (Ends: 4/9/2016)
A bid to get voice cast from My Little Pony together for a live Dungeons and Dragons play charity event!


Bad Zoo (Ends: 4/16/2016)
Adults-Swim style cartoon series pilot: ‘What if a bunch of circus animals were retired, and ended up in a zoo, and were all drug addicts?’
Not in love with this one, but it was too on-topic to skip entirely. Check their website for the poster.


WeLink (Ends: 3/11/2016)
Okay, this is technically a dog tag and owner pendant, but I’m sure a lot of furry couples would like it as one of those two-part necklaces. Now, who’s the dog and who’s the owner?


The Stellae Key (Ends: 3/18/2016)
Pony-inspired webseries and music CD by OhPonyBoy. Episode 1 is already on Youtube!
Eee. Perky French sci-fi keytar pony spaceship :) This is full of win!

Tabletop Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past (Ends: 2/25/2016)TurtlesBox
An intricate TMNT sewer-crawling board game with nice miniatures Splinter stretch goal unlocked :)
Almost double its high goal of $250,000. Wow!

Parallax: Warbands (Ends: 3/4/2016)
A skirmishing minis game with an anthro cast and a dark gladiatorial fantasy style.
Last time around this game *nearly* made goal…

Escape Room in a Box – The Werewolf Experiment (Ends: 3/4/2016)
Part mystery box, part one-night party, a cooperative game modeled after the escape room concept. But this time, it’s a countdown to becoming werewolves.
Way over goal. How do you play this game with furries? ‘Oh, wait, he wants to make us werewolves? Should we be scared?’

Mutant: Genlab Alpha (Ends: 3/4/2016)
An Anthro-focused expansion or stand-alone for the post apocalypse tabletop RPG, Mutant Year Zero.
Way over its lowball goal :) And great artwork!

No Mercy: Kitty Vs Aliens Card Game (Ends: 3/13/2016)
Cute artwork and humor bring a lot of life to this game loosly based on the simple card game ‘War.’
Over goal!furvsscale

Fur Vs Scale: A Fantasy Card Game with Arcade Fighter Themes (Ends: 3/18/2016)
A high-energy card game with a cast of anthro characters, mammals vs reptiles. And arguably the cutest of a long line of cat mages from the last year.


FNAF Lego Minis (Ends: 3/12/2016)
If you’re still riding the Five Nights at Freddies wave, perhaps these lego mini figures will creep you out?

Sunny Side Up Eggs Cat Mold (InDemand Ongoing Funding)
Charmingly dumb mold for setting up a creepycute fried egg kitten. This one’s open-ended through Indiegogo InDemand.
This would be even creepier if you put a lid over the pan so the poor thing got cataracts :(


Nobody Likes a Cockblock (Ends: 3/18/2016)
In the spirit of “Go the F*ck* To Sleep” but perhaps not quite as polished a gem. But with more aminal people.

…Just for fun

 Letter Stories (Ends: 4/13/2016): Cute and colorful children’s book series with lots of animals. A cheerful flashback to the kiddy books of the early 80s.


 Gurgle: A Vorish Trading Card Game (Ends: 4/17/2016): Well, the title says it all, a vore-based trading card game. I’m really putting this in ‘meh’ because of its high goal, first-time nature, and flexible funding. It’s hard to imagine this not turning out as an accidental scam. Also, with a topic this niche, will you ever find anyone to trade cards with?

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  1. avatar
    Michael Tangherlini March 28, 2014

    Hi everybody,
    I’ve been around in the furry fandom for some years, and I’m starting to produce some related projects.
    The first one is my Patreon page: It’s focused on the creation of plus-size imagery. The second one is my tabletop furry RPG: for which I’m looking for playtesters.
    I’d be glad to have both projects listed on your pages.
    Best regards

    Michael Tangherlini

  2. avatar
    Christian Muckler October 22, 2014

    Thank you for spreading the word about Ultimum! We’re very aware that our information about the story has been lacking. We are working on a major release with some videos that will explain everything in detail.

    I have a fondness for animals and that really helped shape Ultimum’s story. The animal races in Ultimum are intelligent and tough and have an extremely significant role to play in the greater story. One of the primary heroes in the timeline is a Wolf.

    Keep checking back for more info and thanks again!


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