Such Big Teeth: Wolfen Jump

wj2Underground anthology comic stuffed with more wolves than the elevator at FC…


Wolfen Jump

Indiegogo ending 2/17/14

wj1There’s indie comics–artsy and thoughtful with quirky characters, playful, dialog-based, gentle little fantasies, serious little slices of life. The Flight anthology series springs to mind, but there’s dozens of titles out there. Heck, one of the granddaddy indies is even furry, kind of–thank you, Maus.

And then there’s the world of underground comix, sleazy, psychedelic–not necessarily “adult” in the NSFW sense of the word, but certainly with a college audience. Robert Crumb‘s their poster child–grungy, trippy, satirical, maybe raunchy.

wj3Take a little of column A, a little of column B, mix them together, and COVER IN FUR, and you’ve got Wolfen Jump, the wolf-themed–I’m sorry, walf-themed indie comic anthology. You can see all of issue one in glorious semicolor on Tumblr, and it’s absolutely worth the read, a long tour of loosely-themed comix, with a big pack of artists and styles.

wj4So, yeah, there’s the entire comic. What’s the Indiegogo campaign for? Short answer: Buy the book. For just $20 you can take your walfs home, a 24-artist anthology. Slightly more involved answer, the deadline for submissions for Volume 2 is August 15, and there’s plans in place for the next print anthology. So this is the support callout–support the walfs, support the book, maybe get the awesome “walf house party” poster. It’s all really good.

wj5I want to say something about the structure of the IGG project page itself, but there’s not a lot to say. Look! Buttons! Books! Rewards! Commissions! Y’all know the drill. Enjoy the walves, friends.

Note: Images used above are included to promote the work of crowdfunding artists, and are owned by the original creator.


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