Enter the Dragon: The Body Nommer

Making all your “being ingested by a dragon” dreams come true since…uh…recently.

dragonlargeBTW: This post is somewhat more adult than usual, so make sure you’re older than 18 before clicking around the links here…

Dragomaw’s Body Nommer

Indiegogo ending 4/1/2014

One thing that the Internets, and crowdfunding in particular, does very well is bring highly rarified, specific interests together. No matter how specific your need is, there’s at least a facebook community for it.

I can’t imagine anyone has benefited from this more than the greater Kinkdom. If you’re into sexbots, human furniture, or clowns, your support group awaits. However, it takes special dedication and a sort of weird-ass brilliance to bring the purely imaginary into the real world, and I am, unreservedly, impressed.

dragon3And so, without further prelude, I’d like to look at what may be one of the most fascinating projects I’ve ever seen on IndieGoGo, three steps beyond ALL of Offbeatr on the kinkometer: Dragomaw’s real-life vore toys.

Dragomaw started “small,” a soft, silicon-sheathed meaty chamber that’s big enough to comfortably–depending on your definition of the word–able to devour one head. This was their “head nommer,” complete with tongue, interesting glottal ridges, and saliva. The saliva is available in both scented and unscented. There are merits to both, but I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for this level of realism in my artificial dragon slobber, I can’t handle my dog’s morning breath. Overall the look is kind of like a fleshlight that can take a cantaloupe, and then drool all over it.

dragon2In a little under a year, Dragomaw has built a virtual store, and populated it with a wide array of soft silicon strangeness, and like their website says, this is probably the closet thing available to an actual vore experience. Check their demo video for some hint of the basic throat model in action. Their older video had the  delightful phrase, “that’s why you have to lube your head up.” Well worth the price of admission.The new one is…ah…strangely fascinating, even if you’re not into the world’s biggest tonsils. It’s still hypnotic.

dragon4Dragomaw’s vore experience is pretty darn customizable, with some options for color, designs for some species options (like a star-shaped orca throat or a tighter squeeze–still safe, but a little snug, and a few different tongues–forked or flat, depending on taste.


Oh, and a saliva pump, and all that customization is in the base package. There’s even some interesting add-ons, such as an uvula, or, depending on where you want to put your head, a butt, which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that sexuality is a richly complex and individual thing.

Anyway, back to the IGG campaign! Snaz Dragomaw, CEO of this company, has pretty much explored the dragon’s digestive tract to its logical conclusion, right? What else is there? To quote Mythbusters, let’s make it large.

dragon1Snaz’s campaign is a test for their awe-inspiring, life-sized vore experience: a snug, sleeping-bag sized medical silicon tour de throat, with detailed tongue, internal ridges, a five-foot belly, and, ultimately, a full-sized dragon head, with pointy teeth, to add that touch of “argh” to your special internalized moment. The price point may be high, at $3,500, but they’ve already sold out of the two $2500 models.

Not everybody’s cup of teeth, certainly. But a really good indication that niche market products can hold their own in the crowdfunding world, particularly if they fill a need that hasn’t been previously met…or didn’t actually seem possible to meet.

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