Furfunding Week in Review 1-13-14

Furfunding Week in Review 1-13-14

This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for Nature Hater by Adam Comiskey.

Wow, three weeks between posts? I’d say “mea culpa,” but there just weren’t that many major projects. Let the minor projects wash over you like a mighty flood.

In other news, the busy dogs at Furstarter are trying to solve the problem of “how to display Patreon “sustained crowdfunding” projects in a way that’s interesting and fair?” Draft One’s here…but we’re looking for a better answer.

And a little thank you to Julian Bynoe, who gave me a surprise walk-on part for Christmas :) What a nice little treat!

This week’s reviews: Rick Griffin’s Patreon campaign for Housepets and other projects, and the wolfy walfy underground anthology comic, “Wolfen Jump.”


roundicon-housepets roundicon-wolvenjump

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!


DrawPonies (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
MLP Fanart by DrawPonies.


Primal: Art Photo Book (Ends: 2/11/2014)
Artistic nudes juxtaposing human forms and animal imagery
Partial not-very-SFW gallery here….

Children’s Products

Kola the Kitten (Ends: 1/30/2014)
Disgustingly cute magic kitten gets its own children’s book. Oh, the cute.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Sunnyville Stories V1 (Ends: 2/12/2014)
Re-edition of indie comic “slice of life” stories. Issue 1 is available at the Sunnyville website.
These are…screamingly bad. But kind of charming in a weird way.

Wolfen Jump (Ends: 2/17/2014)
A wolf-saturated underground-style anthology graphic novel, loaded with anthro characters in a variety of styles, but mostly wolves.
Check out their web edition here!

Shivae Studios Graphic Novels (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Support for Shivae Studios, creator of furry webcomic The Cyantian Chronicles

Inhuman Comic (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Sci-fi webcomic–not so much with the furry, but loaded with demi-humans, talking animals, and dragons!


Realistic Animal Costume Ears (Ends: 2/9/2014)
Cute and fuzzy fox ears with realistic fur shading


Canterlot University (Ends: 3/1/2014)
Celebrating the Year of the Horse with a new ponycon in Singapore


Dawgtown Phase 2 (Ends: 2/2/2014)
The Dawgtown animated feature, Watership Down meets Gladiator (but with dogs), seeking funding for staff and production

Zoochosis: A Short Documentary (Ends: 2/7/2014)
A film about the abnormal behavior patterns of animals housed in zoos


KristinMadeStuff Acrylic Charms (Ends: 2/5/2014)
Cute animals in tiny acrylic charms!
So, “Acrylic animal tags” is a genre, but the gray wolf is “stop the bus” cute…

Video Games

NatureHater (Ends: 2/12/2014)
Side-scrolling shooter. Dean the Platypus has a HUGE chip on his shoulder, and he’s taking it out on the entire damn ecosystem. Nature…nature must die.


Baraking Webcomics Funding (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Furry yaoi comics by Baraking.
Hmm…young artist and new. It’s nice stuff, but seeking funding without a deep background…

…Just For Fun

Adventure-Pom Road Trip! (Ends: 2/2/2014): Captain Henry Gingersnaps, clearly a pomeranian of action, goes on a photo-book adventure!
Music for the Island of Dr Moreau (Ends: 2/7/2014): Throwback to our Victorian furbears, funding the soundtrack for a dramatization of Wells’ tale of man’s inhumanity to manbeasts.
Perth Mermaids (Ends: 2/14/2014): Care and maintenance for Australia’s resident mermaids. I didn’t know Australia HAD mermaids.
Mulmino (Ends: 3/12/2014): Graphic novel project. Just bizaare, go read. “Mulmino is a biologically fine engineered creature with single head and many physiques…there would not be anymore biological evolution process in the earth after Mulmino. Mulmino will be the most intelligent and rational being in this planet.” To license Mulmino, please send money. Life is full of mysteries.

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