Furfunding Week in Review 1-26-14

Furfunding Week in Review 1-26-14
This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for Wrong Neko by Frictionist.

Apologies, I’d been in the habit of holding off for a big, fun project that I want to write about to do these “week in review” posts. Whatever that one big project is I haven’t seen it, but there’s been nearly two dozen smaller, more focused, more niche, or just 20 degrees off topic over the last week. I guess the holiday slump is over!

A small callout to a relatively new website, Fursday, who’s taking a tilt at the “furry news and views” windmill with curated content every week–with a monthly crowdfunding featured project :) Good luck!

New Projects
For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out our Project Page and the Patreon Page!


Wrong Neko Stickers: The Reprint (Ends: 1/31/2014)
Cute “designer toy” styled nekos in sticker form, in a variety of styles, by Frictionist.


Squeak’s Audio Dramas (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Audio Dramas by Squeak, revolving (as ponies do) around the adventures of Dr Whooves

Vextrous’s Pony remixes (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Pony and video game music and remixes by Khan. KHAAAAAAN!!!
Patreon seems have a lot of “eh, I’ll just post something, whatevs” going on :(

Comics/Graphic Novels

Beast Knights V1: Darkness Falls (Ends: 2/19/2014)
Four soldiers transformed through sorcery into beast warriors fight…uh…Darkness.
Dear video: Please get to the ^@#$ing point and cut the background dance music…

The Cursed and the Damned (Ends: 2/21/2014)
Werewolves (and other weres) play The Most Dangerous Game in this graphic novel.

Keetah Spacecat (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Art and illustrations and a sci-fi webcomic by Keetah Spacecat

Kitsune (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Ongoing funding for Akita’s “Kitsune” webcomic. Very pretty work!


Crystal Mountain Pony Con Medallions (Ends: 3/8/2014)
A little extra funding for CMPC14 in the form of one-time medallions.
Interesting concept, but seems like it might detract from the CMPC funding concept. Hmm.


Fursona Non Grata: The Fursuits (Ends: 3/18/2014)
Fursona Non Grata, the comedy/drama about a family of furs embracing a non-furry fiancee, crowdfunding for costumes.
This…didn’t do very well at all last time

Tabletop Games

Krazy Kats Playing Cards (Ends: 2/7/2014)
A full deck of wacky cartoon cats, 54 cards!

Dragon ScaleS: Playing Cards (Ends: 2/16/2014)
A deck of heavily illustrated dragon-themed playing cards

Fantastic Fur Superhero Teddy Bear Playing Cards (Ends: 2/20/2014)
a full deck of bears and their super powers.
These ideas, they must be expressed! :)


Huggable Dragon Plus (Ends: 2/6/2014)
Preliminary launch for huggable dragon plush concept
I’m not sure about this business model. Pay $100 for a $100 coupon? Basically preselling, but something seems out of place here. Still, at half of goal.

Fuku Plush Project (Ends: 2/15/2014)
Plush kittens based on the ubiquitous “lucky cat” character

Zombie Cat & Zombie Dog Plus (Ends: 2/18/2014)
Pretty darn cute raver-green zombie plushes
Okay, once in a while something escapes from the wastebin of the ongoing zombie meme to be worth looking at…

Cosplay Cats (Ends: 3/10/2014)
Chibi kitties dressed up in cosplay favorites, on tiny acrylic charms.


Mogi: Origins (Ends: 3/18/2014)
Strange, NSFW large-breasted girls fighting game. Tangentally furry, in a “cute but weird” sort of way.

King & Guin (Ends: 3/19/2014)
Heavily muscled lions and leopards in this strapping nude barbarian graphic novel by Furious

…Also by Furries

Zambies! The Card Game (Not yet launched): Cute zombie–excuse me, zambie–duelling game by kittenfrmhell

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