Furfunding Highlights 10.12.15

A care package from space, and the week’s projects.


Illustration from “Fantasy Squish Playing Card Deck,” now on Kickstarter

messagesfromspace1I am a bit of a ditz. I accept this and embrace it. I also have a bad habit of ordering things on Kickstarter and forgetting about them—and the “surprise, it’s Kickstarter Christmas!” is a part of the lifestyle. And then I got this in the mail.
“What is it,” I thought? The layers of stamps, California address, and the general “I can’t tell if this was sent from a friend or from fairies” look to the envelope made me immediately get my partner and housemate for an opening experience.

A few weeks ago I’d been listening to an NPR article about a company—the Mysterious Package Company—which had gotten a recent very successful start through Kickstarter. Their product was stories.

As a marketer and a storyteller—and as a human being (well, sort of)—the idea was compelling. A company that makes narratives that people want to buy into! Buy someone the gift of an experience! And I do have a few friends that are as much into this sort of thing as I would wish to be. Maybe someone got me one?

Or maybe I’d just forgotten about another Kickstarter.

So…I opened it.It got even weirder,

I had no idea what the hell I’d gotten.

See below.

messagesfromspace2Wow, that’s a terrible photo! But hopefully you can see the weirdness–stickers that look very much like mysterious bumper stickers from the Bavarian Illuminati’s rock band, and a mysterious golden disc with a big-breasted sphinx–quite heavy for its size–with the mysterious text on the side:



We pondered this for a while. There was no obvious input device for a big-breasted sphinx (really, the mind boggles). Putting it to our foreheads didn’t help. The code number wasn’t terribly useful. Banging it against a rock and then throwing it in the air so that it turned into a satellite? No (and it’s been done.)

Weirdest care package ever.

As it turns out, I’d completely forgotten that the nice people behind HC SVNT DRACONES had sent me a bundle of swag as a backer reward, but…LABELS, people :)

On the other hand, it’s rare that you get a care package from space aliens. So, no regrets :)

Reviews this “week”: We are having a run of 1930s retro lately! Check out Ironclaw publisher Sanguine Games’ new fur-noir project, “Urban Jungles,” and fight sky pirates with a wrench and RAW GUMPTION in Wild Skies!

urbanjunglethumb WildSkiesthumb

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page

New Projects


Project Manimals (Ends: 10/29/2015)
An art project and cause, very realistic commissions to buy the artisst’s mother a kidney. Remarkable artwork!
I’m not a fan generally of using Indiegogo to farm commissions, but this one is unusually nice AND unusually successful, almost $3000 raised.

Children’s Product

Otter Twin Magic (Ends: 10/27/2015)
For children. And otters. A talking-animal book about otters. This blurb is going in circles…

bootscatsBoots and Cats (Ends: 10/31/2015)
A Child’s Garden of Beat-Boxing, two kittens dance and bass their way through a primer for kiddies who want to make MORE noise. But more interesting noise :)

Comics/Graphic Novels

Chirault II (Ends: 10/24/2015)
A dark and moody epic fantasy graphic novel, with strange monsters (and the obligatory cat girl)

Lloyd and the Bear (Ends: 11/7/2015)bearpicksmall
Graphic novel of the Lloyd & the Bear comic series, with lots of extras.
Cheerful and minimalist art, kind of reminds me of the world of Designer Toys.

Torchlight Lullaby (Ends: 11/11/2015)
Kids/tweenies graphic novel featuring anthro koalas, a raven/kenku, and one of the cuter foxes of Kickstarter 2015
Oklay, some shots of the fox are cute, others are rough. It’s a little bit Indie Comic and your mileage may vary.

Feral vol. III (Ends: 11/13/2015)
The third installment of the intense FERAL comic series by DrDubz, Hayley Rosa’s trials in the FERAL fighting circuit, old school martial arts movie plot in the modern urban jungle.


Molly’s Follies (Ends: 11/4/2015)
A 2D animated webseries featuring a modern witch and her evil, evil devil cat.

Tabletop Games

Fantasy Squish Playing Card Deck (Ends: 10/28/2015)
Chibi bunnies, dragons, ponies and jesters decorate this adorable playing card deck.
Cute! I don’t know what a squish is, it’s clearly meaningful to the creator…

Urban Jungle (Ends: 11/8/2015)
A fur-noir tabletop RPG of gansters, flappers, swindlers, and hard-luck cases from the makers of Ironclaw.

chatnoirLe Chat Rouge (Ends: 11/9/2015)
Mardi Gras/Italian Renaissance style royalty on these elegant cards, but the jester is a very pretty anthro cat, well worth a look just for those two cards.

…Just for fun

That, My Lad, was a dragon! (Ends: 11/11/2015): Beautifuly done, semi-anthropomorphic dragon miniature, detailed and nicely muscled.
Mental Illnes Plushies (Ends: 11/14/2015): This is a quirky project–stuffed and strange versions of mental illnesses, one part thoughtful, one part silly.
My 8Bit Story (Ends: 11/30/2015): Graphic novel–a child world-hops through the worlds of her game boy. +1 Megaman, Pokemon, would read again!

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