10-5-14 Furfunding Highlights


This week’s illustration is from the art book and card set, Fire Dragons and Other Rare Ember Creatures

I’m at a loss on semi-furry celebrity artist Dave Smith’s kickstarter, “Cerebus Archive Number 2.” I am totally unclear on the concept, I do not even have a roadmap to the concept. I know what we are selling here–a 16-page portfolio. I do not know what we are raising money for.  Or how much is needed. $800 is needed, I think, or $40,000. The first kickstarter ran some time in May, and was successful–I guess? taking in $33,000 over its goal of $800., although actually the goal was $20,000, so we’re golden. Or not. I don’t know.

Apparently backers get a number, and that number is transferable. Which is good, I’ve backed a great many kickstarters and I haven’t gotten a number yet. So that’s a thing.

How much does he need? How much will he receive? What is the roadmap to success? Did we win? I think we won.

In six months the grim little aardvark has taken over $51,000 in Kickstarter pledges, which is kind of amazing on its own, but I have no…idea…what he actually wants. WHAT DO YOU WANT, AARDVARK?

Ahem. I’m a little sleep deprived and high on Dayquil. That’s my excuse.

Reviews this week: The beautiful illustrated Victorian/Indian mystery, The Unlucky Fox.



For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


BABEL (Ends: 10/16/2014)
Luminous, animal/fantasy art illustration and book with gently surreal imagery.

Note Cards for a Happy Mailbox (Ends: 10/25/2014)
80s and 90s esque kitty cat lineart illustrations and postcards. Cute stuff, hard to describe!


The Unlucky Fox (Ends: 11/1/2014)
The illustrated Victorian Englishfox in India adventures of a young fox unravelling a family mystery and conspiracy.

The Green Ember (Ends: 11/3/2014)
Illustrated “Redwall” esque children’s book–sword-carrying rabbits on a daring quest. Very pretty visuals!
Past its $10000 goal!

Children’s Products

10-5-14bearSecret Agent 00K9 (Ends: 10/28/2014)
Sort of a weiner dog James Bond. The number of bad dog puns here is crazy over the top.

Corgi Tales Books (Ends: 10/29/2014)
Cute little corgies in an illlustrated educational series. C is ALWAYS for ‘Corgi.’

Major Nature: Guardian of the Great Woods Forest (Ends: 11/9/2014)
An illustrated short story collection for kids, featuring a pretty awesome bear

Comics/Graphic Novels

Cerebus Archive #2 (Ends: 10/25/2014)
An ongoing fundraising effort to raise money for the restoration and preservation of the CEREBUS 6,000 page graphic novel story.
I really, really, really don’t understand what this kickstarter is selling. Sorry. I assume fans of Cerebus the Aardvark will be able to figure it out.

Samurai Chef Print Edition (Ends: 10/27/2014)
Fighting manga monkey cooking comic action GO!
The mayamada.com label is an interesting one. It’s a combined manga/clothing brand. Of course tees with webcomic characters are not a unique concept, but it’s unusual to see the two ideas evolving together. Also, the leopard chef is kind of hot.

A Year of Questorverse (Ends: 12/3/2014)
The raccoony adventures of Quentyn Quinn–in SPAAACE (or in Hyrule possibly)
Not in love with this one, but it seems on topic. Pledge level just a bit high and going with the maximum pledge time on Kickstarter.


Fursuit Kit (Patent Pending) (Ends: 10/28/2014)
Simple, brightly-colored fursuit partial DIY kit.
The biggest flaw I see in this one is the illustration that shows what’s in the fursuit kit kind of highlights the lack of a need for a fursuit kit at the list price.

Fruitsuit Creations (No close date)
Capital funding for Fruitsuit Creations, a newish fursuiting company on gofundme.

Tabletop Games

Fire Dragons and Other Rare Creatures Book and Playing Cards (Ends: 10/31/2014)
Glowing gemlike illustrations of fantasy creatures in artbook and playing cards

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak (Ends: 11/28/2014)
New roles for Werewolf, with cute illustrations!
I cannot easily express how ‘done’ I am with Werewolf. But I do like the illustrations on this one.


Rio full color vinyl figure (Ends: 11/1/2014)
Collaboration between Michael Vega and Studio Cute: a 9″ figurine of Rio the Lion

Video Games

Wulves (Ends: 10/28/2014)
Super-cutesy training/breeding pet game filled with wolves. Ahem, Wulves.


The Real World of the Dragoonies (Ends: 11/27/2014): What is a Dragoonie? You don’t want to know, and you probably don’t want your child exposed to them. They’re a bit like dragons, and a bit like “Grey” aliens, but mostly they’re like a “Good Job!” sticker in fifth grade art class.

…Just for fun

Megaman X the Movie (Ends: 11/1/2014): Nobody else has pledged for this one, but the middle-aged guy in a MegaMan costume is probably worth the price of admission. Also, fun with copyright infringement.
Kult of God Cutlery (Ends: 11/29/2014): This is silly, but I’m loving it: over-the-top, decadent fantasy cutlery knives and forks for eating like you’re on an album cover.

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