Furfunding Week in Review 11-10-13

Furfunding Week in Review 11-10-13

New Reviews

A boy, a horse, they rap: Le Boss. An assortment of sticky little profiles on Offbeatr–the icon’s supposed to be a very scared dog. And a little write up of Bittersweet Candy Bowl‘s latest GN.
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New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!

Dragons: A Scientific Exploration (Art. Ends: 11/19/2013)
Dragon skulls, eggs, and scientific illustrations. Also, zombie gnomes.

Bittersweet Candy Bowl (Comics/Graphic Novels. Ends: 11/22/2013)
A web-to-print graphic novel about life, school, growing up, and lots of cats.

Mascots: Inside the Inside (Film/Animation/Theater. Ends: 1/4/2013)
Documentary on the “quiet by day, explosive by night” people inside the mascot costume at college sporting events.

The North (Film/Animation/Theater. Ends: 12/3/2013)
After Sappinus’s parents are murdered by humanoid beavers, he vows revenge, but first must deal with his crippling fear of beavers. (No, really.)

Polaris: The North Star (Film/Animation/Theater. Ends: 12/6/2013)
Stop-motion animation short: Polar (a bear) and Shy (a fox?) Elegent and faintly Miyazaki.

Le Boss: The Rapping Horse (Film/Animation/Theater. Ends: 12/21/2013)
Animation. A horse tries to reach his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist. (Actually somewhat based on a kind of true story, a bit.)

Zodiac Wars (Video Games. Ends: 12/5/2013)
Astrology-based fighting game. This one’s really about “Taurus” and “Leo.”

Treasurebear (Video Games. Ends: 1/4/2014)
Platformer exploration in a Dungeons-and-Dragons influenced universe. You’re a bear with a pet mimic. He’s a red panda with a pet mimic (with great legs).

Mikhaila Kirov: Cutsey/Porny (Adult. Ends: 12/6/2013)
Erotic/cheesecake digital portfolio by Tsampikos of her otter/dragon(??) character, presumably in compromising situations

Kafr Night (Adult. Ends: 12/7/2013)
Erotic comic in a fantasy universe by Dktorzi (Dktorzi’s smut pedigree is pretty extensive–Genus, for one. Lots of Radio Comix work.)

eco-geeks.org (…Causes. Ends: 11/21/2013)
Geeks banding together to save 450-2000 acres of rain forest. Go geeks!

Longfellow and the Deep Hidden Woods (…Causes. Ends: 12/24/2013)
Not very furry, but pretty and warm and sad. A book about grief for children, featuring a weiner dog. Not under “kid’s products” because this is about getting books out into people’s hands rather than an IGG preorder.

Smartails Pet Clothing (…Just For Fun. Ends: 1/2/2014)
Allegedly, an awareness campaign against “dogs as food meat.” More likely, a way to sell REALLY CUTE dog clothes. The pictures are…so very cute.


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