Furfunding Week in Review 11.24.13

Furfunding Week in Review 11-10-13

Charmingly dumb, peaceful and pastoral, violent and far-future: Steam in the Willows, Black Paw: Return of the Dragon, and Lobodestroyo.



New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!


squirtlePaint Splattered Pokemon Prints (Ends: 12/12/2013)
Prints preorder-style project of stylized, paint-splattered poke-posters, featuring the big three starter pokemon (Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle)


Tail Lights (Ends: 1/2/2014)
Light up your mane–I’m sorry, your horse’s mane–with these breezy LED tail lights.
Hmm…Kickstarter goal and price point for the “get the thing!” level are really high. Not sure $160 for a set of strip LEDs is going to fly outside a narrow luxury market.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell (Ends: 12/11/2013)
An afterlife stroll through mythicals and monsters in this web-to-print project.

Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale (Ends: 12/18/2013)
In a cyberpunk/anime future, Red teams up with a frighteningly massive robot wolf…


Cats Vs Zombies: 9DKP Anime (Ends: 12/18/2013)
Large-headed magical anthro cats vs. a legion of the undead. There are transformation sequences, I’m sure of it.

Black Tusk (Ends: 1/21/2014)
Creature feature film in the “monsters hunt camping teens” genre, a strange avian/human monster stalks a group of hikers.


Steam in the Willows (Ends: 12/12/2013)
A Wind in the Willows edition for makers and craftsmen. WITW text, but illustrations gently tweaked for a steampunk aesthetic.
I don’t know if the mole with little steampunk goggles is cuter than the badger generally. From the makers of The Steampunk Bible.


Dragon Ball Joint Doll Pets (Ends: 12/12/2013)
Cute dragon-head dolls by Bladespark, her third kickstarter for ball joint dolls projects

Video Games

Lobodestroyo (Ends: 12/11/2013)
90s collectathon-style VG. Mutt, the runt of the wolf litter, tries to find the parts of his pack’s championship belt and the escaped 10 members of the Liga de Los Villanos.
In the spirit of MegaMan and Metroid: Samus Aran

Web Projects

Get fLoRiDa off the ground! (Ends: 1/10/2014)
Fundraiser for the “fLoRiDa” webcomic
Frustratingly little information on this one. Link to original webpage? It’s hard to google ‘florida’ usefully…

…Coming Soon?

Fursuit Automation Project (Not yet launched): A suite of light sensors, LED automation and fan controls for tech fursuiting.
Ex Gender: A Wolf In Stilettos (Not yet launched): Started as pinups, ended up as a full narrative game, transgender tribulations and large-breasted wolves

…Just For Fun

Gamer’s WORLD Movie (Ends: 12/19/2013): I don’t normally stop to make fun of fail, but leading with the FurNation logo just invites it. A “gamers are people too” film project, and a complete trainwreck of a Kickstarter page. Read it. Love it. A part of me wants to see it. Don’t forget to read the bio.
Bring a Kaiju to Life (Ends: 12/30/2013): A personal project to bring a kaiju to bioluminescent, lumbering, cosplay life.

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