11-30-14 Furfunding Highlights


This week’s illustration is from surreal Italian graphic novel/novel “La Storia dell Orso” on Indiegogo. 

Is this possibly a side effect of the recent deregulation of Kickstarter as an “anything goes” medium, or a result of their strange funding/voting model and price structure? I can’t tell. But it looks like Offbeatr, the crowdfunding site devoted exclusively to adult content, is in a state of deep fail. As of this moment, there is only one project funding on Offbeatr, and it’s only at $40 of its $1200 goal. A pretty weak showing, and that funder will have to pay something like $100 for their effort.

Hard to say exactly what this means. A more educated public really doesn’t NEED Offbeatr–its 30% fees are harsh, and a well-framed Indiegogo page can do as much to advertise your project. And fortunately or unfortunately, most of the traffic to a given project is driven by the poster, not the hosting site.

More on adult crowdfunding in the near future, promise.

Reviews this week: The latest in gryfon novels, “A Shard of Sun.”


For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


Kingdom of Fur (Ends: 1/16/2015)
A 45+page art anthology book with over 15 artists.
Interestingly, all art is from DeviantArt artists? Hmm. Not sure why. Very weak response for a fairly nice product, I think the artists aren’t promoting it.

My Last Week As a Dog (Ends: 1/18/2015)
This one’s not taking off, but I like it. A book about the love and loss of an animal, through both its owners’ eyes and the dog’s eyes.
Unfortuantely no support as of 11/30.

Kyell Gold on Patreon (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Furry novelist Kyell Gold working on his his next novel

Children’s Products

Wikiduca (Ends: 1/18/2015)
I THINK this is a Spanish educational card game with some strong Pokemon influences. It’s cute, anyway. And in Spanish.

Comics/Graphic Novels

The Questorverse Crossover (Ends: 12/24/2014)
Anthro raccoon webcomic char 11111 comes to a graphic novel with LOTS of walk-on parts.
Hmm, nearly at goal as of 11/30. Is creating a crossover between your OWN characters really a thing?


Characterz (Ends: 12/22/2014)
A dysfunctional bunch of mascots at an amusement park with a broken spirit. There may very well be a montage of learning to wear the costume.


Handmade Creature Creations (Ends: 12/24/2014)
Handsome kitten-griffs made of faux fur, one of a kind pieces of art-toy.
I was really surprised to see how high quality the faux fur was here, I was sure it was real!

Animal Assasins (Ends: 12/26/2014)
Armor-wearing, killer koala designer toy.

octocat11-30-14Tentacle Kitty (Ends: 12/30/2014)
Adorbs squid-kitty, and it changes color from rediculous purple to twee pink!

Video Games

Viktor: A Steampunk Adventure (Ends: 12/19/2014)
Viktor’s point-and-click quest to become the emperor of Austria-Hungary. Cute stuff, very PBS Kids.


Unpopular Tales: Little Red Riding Hood (Ends: 12/23/2014)
An adult, eroticized retelling of the (already kind of smutty) Little Red. Not exactly furry, but there IS a wolf, no telling how that’s going to turn out.
Not terribly furry and maybe a little exploitation-y, but high quality art.

…Also by furries

Strange Worlds (Ends: 12/31/2014): A webcomic by UndeadChickenNugget. Sci-fi space comic with some nice art, pretty high quality at least prelaunch.


No Laughing Matter: Hyena Conservatory (Ends: 12/24/2014): A study of brown and striped hyenas in Zimbabwe. Got $5000? Want to stay a week at a hyena reserve? Act now!

…Just for fun

Light Art Photography (Ends: 1/28/2015): Funding for an ongoing light art project, pretty if not original, but no support so far and perks aren’t very compelling.

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