Furfunding Week In Review 12.8.13

Thank you to Julian Bynoe, who wedged this illustration in between his current portfolio kickstarter and his several web projects. Good luck, Julian! Cropped from original for image ratio.

Furfunding Week in Review 12-8-13

A bit of a slow week in furry crowdfunding this time around, with a few gems coming in on Saturday and Sunday–in particular, Rizzo Michelle’s art doll ponies, and Zodion, a sci-fantasy reimagining of the Zodiac.

To fill the aching void left by sudden appearances of wolf-people on Offbeatr, the staff at Furstarter spent some time fleshing out a Resource page, with suggestions for new crowdfunding campaigns and “unbiased” (hah) comparisons of the various crowdfunding platforms. Hope someone finds these useful, and feedback is appreciated!


zodroundicon ponyroundicon

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!


Zodion prints and stickers
Colorful sci-fi/fantasy illustrations inspired by the Zodiac
More illustrations on Meader’s Blog.


Alice in Wonderland Books, Prints
Lavishly illustrated and anthro-intensive Alice books and prints.


Fire and Bone
Tiny, digitally captured, metal animal skulls–sculpture and jewelry.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Ferrin Webcomic/Roleplaying Space
“Ferrin” webcomic with roleplaying community/forums, artwork (and Ferrin) by Demu Ferrin.


“Walk, Talk, Wolf” music video
Music and storyboard for music video loosely based on ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf,’ lots of animal themese throughout.


MLP Customizations and Art Dolls
Pop culture makeovers for vintage MLP dolls.
The Darth Vader is kind of amazing!

…Also By Furs

The Dancing Emu’s Fantasy Postcard Set (Ends: 12/26/2013): Fantasy watercolor cards by Teal Newcomb.

…Coming Soon?

Beast’s Fury Arcade Sticks ((Not yet launched)): For the many furry fans of the Beast’s Fury campaign on Indiegogo, matching joysticks!


Foxy/Quilly (Ends: 1/8/2014): IGG Relaunch of trailer campaign for Foxy & Quilly animated trailers, educational children’s series. Low goal+Flexible Funding and so-so conception, this doesn’t look like it’s going to happen

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