2-10-15 Furfunding Highlights


From The Faun of Healwood on Indiegogo

This seems to be the Week of the Sidescroller. For those brave and no doubt amazing sidescrolling games I didn’t include, I apologize, but there were so very many of you.

Furry Fiesta! Since TFF is in Dallas, the iconic home of Texas Big Business and two furry publishers, I’d always hoped that Texas Furry Fiesta would open up a “Biz” track–so much of the art of self-publishing, self-promoting, valuation of time and resources, and of course funding is applicable to any artist or creator. It hasn’t happened yet, but there is an impressive block of “the business of furry” on the schedule for Sunday, running from 1:00 (self-publishing panel with Rafferty, the director of Ironclaw‘s Sanguine Games, a short mini-panel that we’ll be sharing, my own hour-long intro to crowdfunding, and a 3:30 “Making a Living as an Artist” with Matthew Ebel. It should be either exciting or a crashing bore, depending on your personal obsessions. I’m looking forward to it, though, and hope to see you there!

This week I’ve been prepping for dressing up and faking expertise by revamping my blog’s themes, updating my Resources page a bit, and working on a four-page handout that’s, well, as much as I can shove into four pages without creating a Wall of Text. It’s everything I wish every artist I was astonished by knew about crowdfunding and market copy. I’m pretty pleased with the final product, looking forward to sharing it at the con. Will post here too!

Reviews this week:the beautiful but doomed Flurry the Bear: Tempest Wind, and the really, really neat African all-furry buddy trip, blog, artbook and nature study, Expanded Horizons–which I believe is at twice its goal now!



For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


negglion1Blind Bag Stickers (North America) (Ends: 3/8/2015)
The latest sticker collection by Skulldog, one a collection of North American animals–cougars, possums, wolves, with a “create a sticker” tier.
Skulldog now has two successful campaigns on her belt. Oh, three, this one made goal. Always a treat to see her again!

Negg’s Digital Art (Patreon ongoing funding)
Negger and his sometimes cute, sometimes obscene lions come to Patreon. He’s a little bit Osamu Tezuka. I’m torn between putting this under ‘art’ or ‘adult,’ he runs the extremes between innocence and NC17.


Expanding Horizons: Artist’s Journey to Africa (Ends: 3/7/2015)
Eleven creative individuals (including several well-known artists on a journaly, photo-y, sketchy, arty voyage across the Kalahari desert in Botswana.
This is really an amazing opportunity for some artists that I personally feel are seated near the core of the furry fandom.

Children’s Products

Little Monkey, Be You (Ends: 2/28/2015)
A children’s book about unconditional love, monkeys, and life ‘on the spectrum.’
Artwork varies a lot on this one. It’s all good, but sometimes it’s charming and sometimes it’s deep in the Uncanny Valley.


Kitsune Hoodie (Ends: 2/27/2015)
Swirling fiery red fox spirit wraps over, around, and through this hoodie and its wearer.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Flurry the Bear: The Tempest Wind (Ends: 3/1/2015)
Spinoff comic of the Flurry the Bear children’s series, two red panda brothers on a quest for knowledge. Awesome artwork by Luis Figueiredo.
I love the art, but this project was hamstrung by an awkward campaign model of ‘graphic novel but only at a stretch goal that we haven’t mentioned.’ Phenomenal art, really.

griffinspicsInner Space (Ends: 3/2/2015)
A graphic novel adventure of a young griffin lost in her own mind, artwork by Maggock


The Faun of Healwood (Ends: 3/31/2015)
To rescue her beloved, a young bride has to find a mythical creature. There’s more than a little bit of Pan’s Labyrinth in this one.
This is a beautiful-looking movie, and a tragic victim of poorly used Flexible Funding.

Tabletop Games

Going Native: New World Monsters (Ends: 3/8/2015)
Native American myth monster minis, and a very impressive werewolf. Kind of a nice companion to Skulldog’s North American stickers.

Packs! (Ends: 3/11/2015)
A pocket tabletop RPG about “rodent adventure, horror, and obscurity.” Secret of NIHM without any of the romance….
Somehow making the very ugly world of non-anthro rats 20% cuter.

Video Games

WarRab: Veteran (Ends: 3/10/2015)
A steampunk sidescroller with an armed rabbit.
Very much one person’s dream, but with a low goal just to cover Steam fees

dropcatpicDropcat (Ends: 3/12/2015)
A cute side-scrolling kitten with a bit of “Bubble Bobble,” a bit of Kirby, and a lot of Hello Kitty. Fun and colorful candy-coated cute.

Wild Howlz (Ends: 4/8/2015)
A gently fantasy wolf pet browser game with art by Animirus
This feels a bit like a newbie campaign, with a low goal and long, two-month pledge period. Nice artwork though.

…Just for fun

Meow Wolf Art Complex (Ends: 3/2/2015): Huge team of artists and George RR Martin team up to make an art installation and interactive story in Santa Fe.
Ungrounded (Ends: 3/11/2015): Superheroes with rocket backpacks, penguins, arctic adventure, and a FLYING POLAR BEAR. In one convenient graphic novel.
Space Cat Café: Catmosphere Sydney (Ends: 4/4/2015): If you happen to be in Sydney–and who isn’t–stop by the Catmosphere and have some coffee with the…uh…catstronauts.

Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Aww…I was backing a snooty version of Cards Against Humanity where players matched word prefixes and suffixes, “Halfwords,” but it collapsed :(

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