Furstarter Week in Review 2-3-14

Furfunding Week in Review 2-3-14

This week’s illustration is from the kickstarter for Kombat Kittens by Large Animal Games

First, a moment of silence for Antilia,the furry MMORPG with a promising launch and whimper of an ending. What makes a project succeed or fail? This one seemed to have LOTS on the ball–strong visuals, the product well in development. Was it a victim of the commercial nature of crowdfunding at the large-project level? A glut of product in the Indie gaming industry or MMORPG product space? Too niche?

On the tabletop front, though, several new projects. I’m excited–again–by Terrene Odyssey, which had a strong launch but is now in the mid-campaign oceanic abyss that is the Kickstarter lifecycle. Here’s hoping for a few surges, the goal’s not distant, but one does not simply walk into…uh…successful funding.

A little microcallout for Fursday, a new curated furry news blog with hand-picked articles, and excellent taste in contributing writers. Good luck! This week’s reviews: Terrene Odyssey, Mob Town, and a cluster of mini-reviews of adult projects on Offbeatr and Kickstarter. Beware, here there be nudes.


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New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page!


Fantasy and Dragon Paintings (Ends: 2/16/2014)
Cute delicate dragon postcards and paintings, and the occasional tiger girl

Children’s Products

bunnyDa Bunny Trail Book Set (Ends: 2/28/2014)
Cute little bunny-PJ wearing Felipe slouches his way into your heart….

Monster Series (Ends: 3/3/2014)
Not SO furry, but cute and strange B&W art panels from mythology and fairy tails for cribs and mobiles

Comics/Graphic Novels

Kris Winter’s ‘Tears of Reality’ Webcomic (Patreon Ongoing Funding)
Manga style B&W fantasy webcomic with furry elements, funding on Patreon


BRONIE Power (Ends: 2/26/2014)
Special features and extended footage from Bronie: The movie.

Tabletop Games

Kombat Kittens: The Card Game (Ends: 2/20/2014)
Fighting photoshop kittens from a bizaare genre-blending dystopian future. The card game.

Terrene Odyssey (Ends: 2/26/2014)
Strategic card game based loosely on 90s Japanese turn-based skirmish video games…but with dragons!
Artwork and art direction by Megillakitty

Mob Town (Ends: 3/9/2014)
Weasels, rats, foxes, and pool sharks corrupt and take over small towns, mafia-style, in this family-friendly card game.

Video Games

Project Rain World (Ends: 2/13/2014)
8-bit era platformer: in the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat tries to hunt and survive…


KinkyFur Collection #1 (Offbeatr Prevoting)
All-female kink portfolio, with lots of bondage and video game tropes tossed in for funsies. Art by Ligertits and Seinobyte.

…Just For Fun

PANTHEON: The True Story of the Egyptian Gods (Ends: 2/9/2014): A whimsical graphic novelization of the story of the Egyptian gods. The video is animated and absurd.
Creating Monkey Business (Ends: 2/27/2014): Wild and strange simian sculptures made of nails and metal
Maximalist Wallets and Card Hodors (Ends: 2/28/2014): Fandom-spanning hand-crafted leather wallets with nods to some famous video games, and Game of Thrones. Get it? Card hodors?

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