3-1-15 Furfunding Highlights

Illustration from Paradoxia: Homebound on Kickstarter

Whew! Back from Texas Furry Fiesta 2015, and recovered from the creeping con crud! Met a lot of the artists on the African Sojourn trip, and learned that Dark Natasha is planning a graphic novel kickstarter of her own soon–at least I believe it’s a graphic novel, I was a little bit sleep-deprived at the time.

My own “Crowdfunding for Furries” panel fell a little flat, since I was back-to-back with a Guest of Honor who was running his own kickstarter panel, most of the audience picked up and left when he was finished speaking. Oh well, these things happen! We had a lot of the same points to cover–though he was mostly focused on production and I was mostly focused on message. Can’t blame anybody who didn’t want to sit down for three hours of crowdfunding.

One of the questions that came up was a way to monetize a subscription product through any of the existing crowdfunding platforms–that is, “what platform can I use to subscribe to my magazine?” Neither one of us had an answer, but the “good” “people” at “FAPP (NSFW!)” have an answer that is so screamingly obvious I’m kicking myself for missing it.

Patreon allows artists to fund on a “per week” or “per month” basis, which is how most people tend to use the platform. They also allow funding on a per-item basis–that is, per song, per painting…or per book.

For little stuff like a single youtube video, per-item funding makes me nervous. But if a writer plans to release a book every six months, well, if it comes out in five months or seven months, no big deal. So the next volume of the FAPP porntastic RPG, and every volume going forward, can be purchased digitally through Patreon. Brilliant solution!

Reviews this week: The patreon campaign for bright and cheerfully in-your-face comic Taco El Gato, animated adventure with Nine Lives of Claw, and not so much a review as an article covering crowdfunding for pornographic projects,


For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


RoboTales (Ends: 3/19/2015)
Children’s chapter book series. A very well-illustrated robot dog in another solar system looks for the mystery of his creation.
I wish I knew how illustration-heavy this series was going to be, that’s always a problem with YA stuff.


Fat Animal Charms (Ends: 3/22/2015)
Mini-project of chubby, chibi animals, gently rolling.

hatofulComics/Graphic Novels

Broken Birds: Hatoful Boyfriend Fan Comic (Ends: 3/13/2015)
Comic based on stylized pigeon dating sim, with varying levels of anthro pigeons. Art by Playerprophet.
There is much in this universe that I do not understand.

M.R.S. Monster Café (Ends: 3/21/2015)
Webcomic, patchwork anthro monsters find their place in society through their café. Brightly colored madness by Shazuku and Jei.
Anybody got a reference for Jei? More art on Facebook.

Help Wanted (Ends: 3/21/2015)
A crime-fighting pup and his animated bread loaf finally get their own comic book. Very “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

Paradoxia: Homebound (Ends: 3/25/2015)
One-shot comic about a child lost in a fantasy world of two warring anthro armies. Art by Carey Blindenhofer.

The Aggregate (Ends: 3/31/2015)
A “Choose your own adventure” graphic novel. I’m including it purely because of GIANT CAT SPIDERS.


Desert Mirage (Ends: 3/16/2015)
A live-action/animation hybrid, sort of a low-budget Roger Rabbit, featuring a vengeful racoon and an out-of-work janitor.
The art on this one is a little bit ‘not ready for FurAffinity.’ Project doesn’t seem super-fundible at this point.

The Nine Lives of Claw (Ends: 3/30/2015)
A cybernetic cat, a mouse, they fight crime, usually in the form of malicious anthro dogs. Animated action.

Aggressive Lucario Mascot (Ends: 4/3/2015)
Sketch comedy: A Lucario fursuit mascot assaults the guests of an amusement part.
I’m tempted to fund this just to see what a $300 Lucario costume would look like.

earthdragonTabletop Games

Earth Dragons & Other Rare Creatures (Ends: 3/18/2015)
Earthy, swampy, leafy, fairy-y dragons, field guide and playing card deck.

Cat Quest (Ends: 3/29/2015)
Cartoony cats on a magical card game quest to destroy dragons and unicorns. Hmm.

Dragoon: Dragon Action Strategy Game (Ends: 3/31/2015)
Cute and minimal ‘be the dragon, destroy the town’ game, designed to fit in a little storage bag. Nice design, convenient minigame size.
Over goal!


Wananeko Soft Vinyl Toy (Ends: 3/18/2015)
Designer toy in the “psycho pointy cat monster” mode.

Video Games

Hera and Sooky (Ends: 3/30/2015)
A side-scrolly platformer with a lot of gear-gathering featuring two cute cartoony non-anthro dogs and their grappling, leaping, boating adventures.
Sort of like “Megaman” meets “The Incredible Journey.”

catshapedlifeCat-Shaped Life (Ends: 4/1/2015)
A gently cartoony cat-shaped-cat sim. Fight the washer!


Kikongo Otter Sanctuary (Ends: 4/26/2015): Sanctuary for Mazu the Congo Clawless Otter and other African otters. Cute stuff here, you’ve been warned.


Icicle on his Bicycle: The Misunderstood Husky (Ends: 3/16/2015): Children’s book, a little husky boy on a journey through the woods on his bicycle. Sometimes dreams exceed artistic ability, trippy colors though. Also, count the adjectives.

…Just for fun

Studio Cosplay (Ends: 3/15/2015): A makerspace specifically for costuming and cosplay, opening in the Washington DC area.

Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Lordy, someone take my credit card out of my paws. My income tax refund came in, so I put it toward a really hot little item–“Inkwip,” leather arm-bands for writers, with pens built in. I couldn’t say no to the intersection of bondage and scrivening. I’m trying very hard to say no to getting all three designs, that’s perhaps a little insane.Terry Giliam is producing a surrealist film called “Hallucinaut,” a microscopic epic set in the palm of someone’s hand, it looks haunting and weird. It looks like that one might make goal! But it’ll be close. And the good folks at Red Dragon Inn are releasing a new installment of their beer-and-pretzels card game, one of my favorites and an annual Kickstarter tax.

And please don’t tell my mom this, but I signed up for FAPP’s patreon. It’s so stupid I can’t turn away.

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