3-15-15 Furfunding Highlights

Illustration from “Odd Animal Alphabet,” on Kickstarter


(Unreasonably cute picture of Corbeau by Lizbeth, on FA and on Patreon!)

This week has been just crazy. Besides work being a madhouse, the last two weeks have seen a run of really superlative furry projects popping up. I’ve been able to write some incoherant notes about Tribes of Kai, the epically awesome feline-taur graphic novel (and I’m generally a canine person, but I will make an exception here.) And I’d had advanced warning on the all-Anubis erotic anthology from Dark Natasha and friends, “Dark Desire.” I was braced for that.

And then…

I stumbled across Vanguard, a furry tabletop RPG with a strong sci-fi setting and pretty solid artwork, it’s not amazing but for RPG material, it’s strong. This one’s next on my to-do list, it looks really pretty (and I pretty much write up every furry tabletop RPG, TRPGs are my other fandom.) I found that one on FurAffinity, missed it completely on kickstarter. It has Space Badgers.

Next on my to-do list, “Wizards of the Wild,” a charming–heh–card game featuring anthro wizards battling it out. And a magic badger. There are so many things I want to dump money on this week. Money would be helpful right now. Maybe the overtime fairies will sprinkle me with their horrible dust again.

three items that I really want to cover but may not get around to, just because they’re a little off topic or small focus: Goldenwolf’s werewolf romance novel, “Hunger,” and the stupidly cute children’s book, “The Grumpy Unicorn,” which has a round little unicorn who leaves a trail of dejected rainbow wherever he goes, and really wants to be a griffon. Since it’s a kid’s book he probably learns a valuable lesson, but being a griffon is kind of a noble thing, too, isn’t it? Anyway, the cute factor on this one is sky-high. And a part of me–the part that values variety more than common sense–wants to do a short and loving write up of The Party Animals, and their absurd, face-painted kiddie romp. I think my readership is a little too post-ironic to appreciate them, since their target audience is ages 2-6, but they are clearly romping in fuzzy animal tails, and that makes them cousins!

My mate came into my room, looked at “The Party Animals,” snorted, and left. I don’t care. I think they’re cute.

So…if I don’t give these wonderful projects the write-ups they’re due, I just want to say, they really were wonderful.

Thank you to my friends who donated toward’s Folf’s lung transplant surgery! I’ve got a few poems to work on too :)

Reviews this week: Anubis-themed erotica collection “Dark Desires,” barbarian fantasy ‘taur feline action comic “Tribes of Kai,” and Russian space opera manga webcomic “SpaceRamblers.”


For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


Dark Desire (Ends: 4/5/2015)
An expansion of the erotic Anubis-themed comic series from the early 90s, with art by Dark Natasha, Heather Bruton, Terrie Smith, and so many more.
Goal met! Page is worksafe, but the product is adult.


Animal Portrait Drawings (Ends: 4/3/2015)
Weirdly realistic kicstarter-commish project: pets in formal wear portrait series.

Retro Video Game Movie Posters (Ends: 4/4/2015)
Cute and mostly furry-content movie poster versions of classic video games.
This project has amazingly little traction, considering the art quality. I thought it was a good joke, anyway. Poor joke.

A Dream of Dragons (Ends: 4/6/2015)
An illustration series of elementally themed chinese dragons
This is just a BIT “van art” to my eye, but it did make goal!


Hunger (Ends: 4/2/2015)
Werewolf supernatural romance novel written and illustrated by Goldenwolf

Children’s Products

Het Nieuwsgierige Vosje (Ends: 3/28/2015)
The crazy cheerful story of The Curious Fox, which I believe is primarily Swedish. But supercute.

The Party Animals (Ends: 4/4/2015)
A kid’s music series with highly excitable people in fuzzy animal facepaint and froofy ears
This has cute make-up, but I am too old for this kind of forced jollility :)

An Odd Animal Alphabet (Ends: 4/7/2015)
Sweetly detailed illustrations of corner-case animals in the alphabet.
H had better be for hyena or I’m writing my congressman.

grumpyunicornThe Grumpy Unicorn (Ends: 4/10/2015)
A completely cute and super-surly unicorn trying to make his way and find his joy in a world of scary mythologicals


Chairman Meow (Ends: 3/26/2015)
Tee and poster propaganda promoting our glorious kitteh leader

Comics/Graphic Novels

Cyborg Penguins (Ends: 4/8/2015)
Action comic with colorful chromed penguinbots, very flash and realistic (if that word can be applied)
Very “Image” feeling comic.

SpaceRamblers (Ends: 4/9/2015)
A sci-fi webcomic with a hefty slice of Space Opera. And pandas. Lots of pandas this week.

Tribes of Kai (Ends: 4/10/2015)
Amazing action/fantasy graphic novel with barbarian feline ‘taurs locked in battle with angry lizard people
Oh boy. Hot, hot lions. I really want to back this one. Also a sketch by Boris Vallejo!

Battle of the Blood Moon (Ends: 4/13/2015)
Werewolf apocalyptic graphic novel. Nicely drawn!

Sprocket the Comic-Cat (Ends: 4/14/2015)
Celebrating the life, adventures, and green radiation fists of the official mascot of Lilac City Comicon, Spkane, Washington


Squirrel: Comedy Short (Ends: 4/3/2015)
Comedy short: After a cop pepper-sprayed a baby squirrel (true story), a local mom becomes a little bit obsessed with righting this wrong.
Be warned, there are rubber squirrel masks behind this link.

Midnight Mares (Ends: 4/5/2015)
A pony-inspired (but not explicitly MLP) story of ponies and the realms of dream and nightmare, night and day.

Tabletop Games

Kennel Combat (Ends: 4/4/2015)
Dice-and-cards game of cats vs dogs.

Squirrel Ascendancy (Ends: 4/5/2015)
A little set-building card game about squirrels going to war.
No chance of this meeting goal, but if you like squirrels the art’s fun

Vanguard: Varmisk Fallen (Ends: 4/9/2015)
Sci-fi adventure tabletop RPG with SPACE BADGERS, and other lesser anthro races.

Wizards of the Wild (Ends: 4/9/2015)wizardsoftehwild
A dice-and-cards game of magical animals in wizardly combat.
Oh mi gosh, the art in this! Every wizard is a different furry character with a different visual style. Wow.

Pandante: Light and Dark (Ends: 4/11/2015)
A gambling and bluff game like Texas Hold’Em Poker, but with pandas, and snacks.

Last Kitten Standing (Ends: 4/17/2015)
Action-comedy card game with derptastic kittens and a “try not to laugh” mechanic.

…Just for fun

Rise of Vorehemoth (Ends: 5/1/2015): Fund the monster film pair of Rise of Vorehemoth and Vore King. Giant monsters eating scantily-clad human females.

Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
I’m still crossing my fingers that “Inkwip,” leather arm-bands for writers with pens built in, will reach goal, but maybe it’s best if it doesn’t and I get to keep my pledge. Because I just spent my rent on Anubis: Dark Desires, lured by my two great passions of naked canines and bowling shirts. I’m seriously on the edge on Tribes of Kai, which is so very pretty. Maybe I should pay my credit card bill and THEN make purchasing decisions.

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