Furfunding Week in Review 5/18/14

This week’s illustration is from the Kickstarter project, “Poochinality/Purrsonality” by LeahTribal.

Little milestone this week for Furstarter, according to Twitter, Tumblr, and a few other ‘rs, it’s been a year since our first post. So a belated happy birthday to this silly project.

Things I’ve learned over the year:

  • Werewolf projects are a dime a dozen and not actually that interesting as a category. I blame Twilight. The same thing with anime cat girls. I do not blame Twilight.
  • Kickstarter is not an advertising medium, and artists are not generally great at self-promotion. The skills involved in creating something beautiful or amazing are rarely the skills involved in the somewhat whorish world of crowdfunding. Get a team.
  • Graphics are important. Blog became much more workable when I went to a graphical format, and personally I ignore anything on Kickstarter without one or two decent images or at least header text. I don’t regret this because I do want to concentrate on projects that either have a chance of success or are interesting. The latter should be a pretty low bar.
  • The truly awful projects that on their face would never succeed are fronted by people who can’t see that themselves. And they’ll repost them because they can’t see the flaws in their own baby.
  • If a project fails, it won’t succeed unless there’s a major rebuild. Just setting the dollar level at what you got the time before won’t work. Because you’ll only reach that number the first time unless you do something completely new.
  • I am not really equipped to judge what is “cool” when it comes to video games.
  • Patreon is a terrible fire hose to sip from.

Anyway, thank you all for the last year :) Onward to a big start for the next year!

New Projects

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

PabloSmallChildren’s Products

Pablo Bear Goes to Asia (Ends: 7/1/2014)
A cute little children’s comic about a world-traveling bear, a backpack, and almost 200 pages of art!


Cloudsdale Thunder Tees (Ends: 6/10/2014)
A few fun tee designs based on MPL-inspired sports teams
The Majicraft Shop has cutie mark-inspired glass tumblrs, among other things. Your cutiemark on a glass!


Poochinality & Purrsonality (Ends: 6/12/2014)
Pup and kitten charms by LeahTribal

Tabletop Games

12 Realms Ancestor’s Legacy (Ends: 6/13/2014)
A fairy-tale focused expansion for the 12 Realms board game, with a generous helping of anthro and anthropathic characters and art.


DigitalSoaps Geeky Soaps (Ends: 6/13/2014)
Cute geeky little hand soaps–pokeballs, companion cubes, Dragonballs, tardis, etc etc. Fun stuff!

…Just for fun

Placebo FX Spider Queen (Ends: 6/20/2014): Impressive! An ambitious “Spider Queen” concept by Placebo FX, with eight eyes, legs, and all the latex you can imagine.
The Adventures of Aero-Girl (Ends: 6/18/2014): “A Girl and Her Gorilla…” Action-packed and cartoony comics about a superhero’s daughter and her high-powered pet gorilla.

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