Furfunding Week in Review 8-12-14


This week’s illustration is from Deer Editor by Ryan K Lindsay, now on Kickstarter

I can’t tell you how much my heart broke when I went back to Indiegogo and saw that the crowdfunding project for Dashcon 2015 was taken down, probably because it was a scam. I was going to write a rather long post about it, too.

As an exercise to the reader, how could you actually tell a real Dashcon crowdfunding page from a scam, anyway?

Reviews this week: werewolves and scientists in Bleeding Heart, and a handful of assorted bear-related projects



For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!

New Projects


Mordrude’s Monster Manual: A Guide to Realistic Costumes (Ends: 9/5/2014)
Anatomy and costuming come together in this neat volumn on realistic animal costume design by Mordrude’s Monsters

Griffin Ranger (Ends: 9/6/2014)
An investigative fantasy novel by Rgibson set in a world of griffins

Children’s Products

Sloth in the City (Ends: 9/10/2014)
A sloth goes to explore the big city in this cute illustrated book.

Comics/Graphic Novels

Bleeding Heart (Ends: 9/3/2014)
A graphic novel about an injured werewolf, an amateur mad scientist, and good intentions. Mostly.

Deer Editor (Ends: 9/10/2014)
Part noir, part procedural, part slice of life crime novel, part Bambi. Journalitic editor Bucky investigates a Jon Doe (snerk) killing, and then goes down the rabbit hole of political intrigue and….murder.


Catsville High: The Movie (Ends: 9/11/2014)
Erg :( Another anthro activism animation for all your alliterative needs. Peer pressure, bullying, and really, really bad felines.
I really don’t care for this one, but it’s too interesting to toss.


Let there be Dragons! (Ends: 10/8/2014)
Chainmail and scale jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, with a light dragon theme.

Tabletop Games

Chibi Pony Adventurers (Ends: 8/28/2014)
Tiny cute little ponies for your tabletop games. There are now more pony miniatures than elves, I think.
Over goal!


Happy Dragons! (Ends: 10/3/2014)
Ceramic dragon statues with big eyes by Nina Bolen

Video Games

Woolf: The Red Hood Diaries (Ends: 9/4/2014)
A moody, cinematic fairytale platformer with drama and lots of wolves.

Umdlalo (Ends: 9/5/2014)
A beautiful indie RPG/animal sidekick game set in prehistoric Africa
This game’s concept art is BEAUTIFUL but it will never make that funding goal :(

Witanlore: Dreamtime (Ends: 9/7/2014)
Contracting artists for a fantasy RPG set in the world of ursines, humanoid bears in a highland setting

catboopCat Boop (Ends: 9/13/2014)
Arguably the dumbest video game app of the last two weeks. You bap pictures of kittens with your cat paw. Yay!

…Coming soon?

Dreamkeepers: Vol. 4 (Not yet launched): In a colorful world, our alter-egos protect our sleeping selves from nightmare. Vol. 4 coming soon to Kickstarter.

…Just for fun

Bear Senpai: Date The Bear of Your Dreams (Ends: 10/9/2014): A dating sim with bears. Real bears. Not those other bears.


Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Currently we are funding a car and our mate has taken our wallet from us. But if we were funding something this week, it would probably be Bleeding Heart, because hey, steampunk and werewolves. We would also like to scrounge $75 or so for “Bare Strength” for research purposes but there probably haven’t been that many innovations in the cutting-edge field of “men not wearing pants” so that can probably wait.

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