Furfunding Week in Review: 9-21-14


This week’s illustration is from the children’s graphic novel, “Fetch: An Odyssey

fetchIt’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon, not a lot of projects really “popping” so far as a high anthropomorphic content goes. The only one that really stands out to me, and it’s a bit off topic, is “Fetch,” which hits a lot of furry buttons without really feeling like a furry project. It’s a novel about a little girl who loses her dog, and braves the Greek Gods to find him. Kind of a twist on The Aeniad and the story of Orpheus rescuing his beloved from Hades, but with a dangerously plucky little girl.

There’s also an absolutely, unreasonably buff plush  fox. I’m finding myself a little distracted by him, but I’m easily distracted by skimpy little shorts. I was going to say he’s ripped, but it seems like that’s literally true at least once.

I’m a big fan of mythology, and generally pro-graphic-novels-for-kids, so I like this one immensely!

What’s new in Kickstarter, they’ve updated their Terms of Use. Ideally the changes will make Kickstarter less scammy, and went a good distance toward clarifying the obligations of a creator. It’s a lot of legal in there–I’m debating whether to post an article talking about it, but it would be quite a snooze. One of the highlights is that the new TOS should let Kickstarter be active in some new countries. So we’ll see how that unrolls!

No new reviews this week, and the projects are a bit less relevant overall, but there’s still some good stuff to look over!

For a “complete” list of furry/fur-friendly crowdfunding projects, check out the Project Page and Patreon Page!.

New Projects


The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar (Ends: 10/3/2014)
These gently Asian-inspired animal art cut paper calendars never fail to amaze me. Old style Japanese woodcuts, and a little Miyazaki.


Sanara: Journey to Terracana (Ends: 10/11/2014)
An illustrated ‘Child trapped in magical land’ novel. But with corgies and anthro cats, so there’s lots to love.

PeeblesheadsChildren’s Products

Travel Buddies Adventures (Ends: 10/8/2014)
Two friendly bears on an educational quest, illustrated by Animaniacs artist James Peebles
So, I really love the artwork on this, it’s charming and a little snarky. But there’s not a single dollar pledged? Mr Peebles must not be pushing at all for this. Come on, at least Mom should have chipped in.

The Restricted Adventures of Raja the Cat (Ends: 10/19/2014)
An educational graphic novel/ebook for kids focusing on empathy, teleporting cats, tall alien feline morphs.
Video rambles a lot, as if the funder was trying to sell the concept of empathy. Is that a product? Skip forward to 1:29 if you just want cats.

Comics/Graphic Novels

FW Chaos (Ends: 10/4/2014)
Two kitty girls save the world from demons and a lack of cuteness.
Artwork by Kitsune Windsor

Red after the Party (Ends: 10/11/2014)
A manga/supers twist on Red Riding Hood, with a BIG wolf.
Check the artist’s gallery for comic work

Fetch: An Odyssey (Ends: 10/11/2014)
A young girl goes to save her dog from the Greek underworld (with the help of a really, really buff plush fox) in this reworking of an ancient myth.
Graphic novel therepy for a little girl who lost her dog, but really awesome therapy. That’s an unreasonably muscular fox.

Carribean Blue Vol. 3 (Ends: 10/14/2014)
Kitty girls, American manga, and apparently kaiju? In the final volume of web-to-print Carribea Blue

Who Needs the Moon? (Ends: 11/2/2014)
Vampires vs. Werewolves is kind of overplayed right now, but these are gangly and awkward werewolves.


Suncatcher Craft Eyes (Ends: 10/20/2014)
A wide variety of glass eyes for crafters

Video Games

Feral: Cat Simulator (Ends: 10/31/2014)
An open-world survival game, wherein housecats are played


Ponyplay (Offbeater Voting Period)
A ponyplay calendar collection. Amazing costumes, where anthropomorphics intersect with leather and BDSM.

…Coming soon?

Paw Coins: Furry pendant coins (Not yet launched): A collection of dog tag style coins by (or organized by) Melskunk
Gene Storm (Not yet launched): A sci-fi role-playing game work in process by Patpahootie, with amazing B&W art.

…Just For Fun

Fragile Rock: Emo Puppet Band (Ends: 10/15/2014): From the mind behind 2000s faux German band ‘Neu Tickles’ comes Fragile Rock. Oh. It’s from Austin. I can’t say I’m totally surprised.


Coach Leo Pilot (Ends: 10/16/2014): Kid’s educational program featuring the most awkward-looking mascot lion ever. He looks so worried, so unsure. Poor guy.


Icon from picture, "Poetic Muse" by Luthien Nightwolf What’s Corbeau Backing This Week?
Foxfunding a copy of “Fetch,” which isn’t much of a surprise. Lately I’ve been listening to a comic book podcast with a great sense of humor, where two comic industry professionals do their best to explain The X-Men continuity. “Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men” is a lot of fun, and I’m happy to chip in in some tiny way to their Patreon.

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