Did you take your insulin? AnimeFcLife V2


The end of a chapter: The FCLG art collective tells its last story…

FCLGlogoAnime FcLife! Vol2

Indiegogo Campaign ending 8/31/14

From Tokyo to YouTube, this is the second animated short, and probably the last, from FCLG. Here’s the first one, it’s supercute and reasonably short…

FCLGimage1FCLG is an art collective operating in Tokyo specializing in anthro/kemono art. The core team of FCLG you can meet in their cartoon, as they struggle to make a Manga and eat chocolate. I’m not very clear on what actually happened, but there was DEFINITELY manga and chocolate involved. The group’s been around a while, they’ve had a FurAffinity page since at least 2009 so presumably have been kicking around since before then.

I had to look up a few words here–“doujinshi” in particular, which is a general term for self-published amateur comics, magazines, etc etc. Which goes a long way to explaining the video, but there’s elements that don’t translate so well–like how natural amateur manga is in a country where people grow up with anime and manga. It seems like the fanfic community is a close analogy, but nothing is ever a perfect match, particularly cross-cultural fandom references.

FCLGimage2Anyway! It sounds like this may be the end of FCLG, as their indiegogo page suggests that this might be their last collaboration, and a bit of a swan song in that regard, and they certainly intend to go out with a splash. If you’re a fan of anime, kemono, interested in the artistic process, or just like brightly-colored moving things–I know I do–check the video, and consider helping FCLG in this one last push.

Note: Images used above are included to promote the work of crowdfunding artists, and are owned by the original creator.

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