Bad Furry: The Art of Not Doing That


Bad advice, cheerfully dispensed, to your twitter and now to your bookshelf…


Bad Furry’s Guide to the Furry Fandom

Kickstarter ending 7/9/14

badfurryillo1I’m sure there’s a line between humor and snark. But it’s a shifty line, kind of like when you create a gradient fill of 25% to 75% gray over Difference Clouds based on a foreground color of 50% gray and Adjust Curves so that you get a neat zig-zag pattern, and everybody has curves set to their own preferences.

This is turning out to be a bad day for analogies.

Anyway, “Bad Furry’s Guide to the Furry Fandom.”

@Badfurry on twitter is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. Along with @TypicalFurry  they’re my cathartic twitter-stream dose of “yeah, but at least I’m not…” that makes being a 40-year-old guy pretending to be a dog in a world of silly people pretending to be silly things a little more tolerable.

I think it’s a healthy vice, 90% of the fandom is fun people making fun art, which includes a fun community. The hard part is those days when the 10% starts to look like 90%, and that’s when it’s time to reach for the bottle of 160 proof snark. Unlike beer goggles, snark goggles do NOT make anyone look more attractive…but they’re really cheap.

badfurryillo2If you haven’t seen it, Bad Furry (thebadfurry on FA) is a twitter stream, and occasionally a webcomic drawn by Likeshine, that is a (mis)guided tour of the mind of a Llion (a hybrid lion/other lion, let him tell you about his backstory.) Judging by the great response on the Kickstarter–$3,000 on day 2, well over goal, kind of like a miniature “Reading Rainbow” with more personal hygiene jokes–the world is ready for…um…a bound collection of tweets.

Okay, it’s probably more than that, both artist and author have a good sense of humor and I have faith that they can express themselves in bursts of more than 140 characters.

So check ’em out. The project’s over goal, so hopefully it’ll be ready for Christmas. I’m giving a copy to my mom. To help explain. Explain…everything. Reserve your copy, and remember, it’s funny, because you’re not one of them.

I know I’m not, because there’s nothing creepy about a 40-year-old gay guy at a furry con.

(So, I do try and make a few comments about the kickstarter itself, because it’s the point of the blog, and I don’t have a lot to say about this. It’s an entirely straightforward furry-artist-driven project, with a good range of gimmes–I DO like the $1000 pledge point with “your character appearing multiple times in the book,” it’s  pricey but a fun concept. But I’m going to call out the business plan on one point: “Artist fees” and “Author fees”? It’s okay, we do understand that you’d like to make money off of your own project, justification is for extramarital affairs :)

Note: Images used above are included to promote the work of crowdfunding artists, and are owned by the original creator.

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    LS June 8, 2014

    hey there!

    just wanted to say thanks for the kind words (I’m the artist of this project), and that the author and i are super stoked that this is really gonna happen! :D

    • avatar
      Corbeau June 8, 2014

      Yeah! Y’all did a fantastic job of making goal in good time :) Snarky stuff always makes me a little twitchy, but the Bad Furry stuff seems to be basically good-hearted :) Good luck in stretch-goal-land and I hope to see you at AnthroCon!

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