Fur-funding week in review: 6-2-13

Fandom Origins. Highlights this week: Antarctic Press: Keeping It Cold, Trek to Trot: A Fandom Tale.

Antarctic Press put out their “Big Ask” this week. It may be that old AP is kind of graymuzzle subject matter, since they dropped their furry titles, but this tenacious little indie comic company was there right from the beginning, hand-in-paw with the birth of the Fandom.

Then, “Trek to Trot,” a work in progress on the larger community of Fandoms, how they fit together, what we share, all that good stuff. In a way, it’s about our roots.

And then a bunch of other stuff.


corbeau-cardFirst, a quick word of thanks to DJKyota, who did this week’s illustration. I should have used it last week when we talked about his card deck Kickstarter, Pelted Primacy, but that post was pretty busy already. That project is in its final 10-day countdown, take a look. Thanks, DJK!

AP-PenguinAntarctic Press: Keeping it Cold in the Antarctic

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that AP’s story is tied to the history of our fandom. In the crazy, dinosaur-infested days when the Internet was only available to college professors and the military, you wouldn’t know about, say, ConFurence, unless you found a copy of Furrlough, with an attractive cat girl on the cover, and found out “Wait, there’s a community, too?” Until the late 90’s, the fandom was black and white indie comics. And Antarctic Press, publishers of Albedo, Furlough, Genus, Shanda the Panda, and others, took a chance on us in a big way, through most of the ’90s.

Granted, that’s history now, and most of their furry titles were picked up by Radio Comix across the street. But it’s important history.

Now for the ask. It’s clear there’s something in the water in San Antonio, since Radio Comix had their own SOS on indiegogo back in March. The Antarctic Press Indiegogo tells more of the story, it boils down to “Boy meets large chain stores, they have a thing, large chain stores send boy the bill (and a bazillion returned books), boy spends rest of life in debt.”

Anyway, take a look. If you can afford it, make a little donation. It’s a good way to say “thank you” for the fandom we have today, and one of the teams that helped pave the way.

Trek to Trot: A Fandom Tale

trektotrotSo…I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to write “Tail” instead of “tale.”

If you follow the Adjective Species blog, you might have read JM’s article “Distant Cousins,” about the harmonies between the various fandoms, “we’re all fen together.” A good article, particularly when we’ve gotten to a place where we’re divided by cartoon shows.

Our origins are in the science fiction fandom–waaaay back in 1980 or 81, Steve Gallacci pulled out some pictures of cute cat girls and fighter spacecraft at a California sci-fi con, and like an infectious culture spreading in a petri dish, we get to today’s crazy collage of furs and furry friends. Trek to Trot: A Fandom Tale looks at the greater world of Fandoms–bronies, furries, trekkies, gamers, and asks how fans are benefited by their fandom families.

Through a documentary style pulling in interviews, experts, convention scenes, and dramatizations of historical crossroad moments, Trek to Trot aims to put the focus on the fans, and what the greater Fandom of fandoms, gives its members.

Take a look!



Turn John Rosenberger’s Clay Creatures to Molten Metal !!! (Ends: 6/27/2013)
Surreal critters scuplted in clay, kickstarting for metal casts. Unfortunately, you can’t take them home with you, but worth a look-over.

Dustbunny Pictures Comics (Ends: 7/17/2013)
A collection of five web comics, including Popiki’s Island, gearing up for an expansion and relaunch.


Traveller (Ends: 6/5/2013)
An epic Doctor Whooves audio adventure from Pony in a Box Productions.
Team has a lot of experience in audio dramas…and ponies. Definitely by and for the fandom!

Masters of the Tooniverse podcast (Ends: 7/1/2013)
“Two highly animated nerds seek funding to aid in their quest to create the universe’s best cartoon podcast.” Help two nerds build their recording studio for a weekly cartoon–vintage and modern–review.


Benign Kingdom Presents: Midnight Monsters (Ends: 6/6/2013)
Art collections and graphic novels, including “Capture Creatures,” a Pokemon-inspired collection of 151 unique creatures and descriptions.
Not all of this is exactly relevant, but the poke-esque collection is charming.

A Bear’s Life: Teenage Stuffed-Animal Angst (Ends: 6/14/2013)
A bear’s photographic journey through a world that doesn’t understand him.
I wasn’t going to include this one, but the photo of the bear out on the streets in a cardboard box house pushed me over the edge.

The Moscow Metro Dogs (Ends: 6/30/2013)
An exploration (book and blog) of the complex society of the semi-feral dogs of Moscow who have–really!–learned to commute and adapt to the city.

Children’s Products

Kit & Kiya (Ends: 6/7/2013)
An educational series for young children; Kit the fox, his human mom Kaya, and a small menagerie sing and learn together. Puppets, live action…animation?
I wish there was a little more about the project available. She had me with “fox in kilt,” but more information would be helpful…

The Audrey Amaka Storybooks (Ends: 6/22/2013)
Sweet, cartoony illustrated book, featuring Audrey (a neckless giraffe) and her frankly awesome shoes.
Re: the promo video: Ventriloquist’s dummy. *shudder.* Also I have a profound, viceral reaction to the word “heartwarming.” But it IS pretty cute stuff.

Laslo the Lark (Ends: 6/29/2013)
A cute little cartoon-book about a bird who has to sing, even though he’s going to be eaten by a fox.
Okay, it’s not great, and more “talking animal” than anthro, but the illustrations in this one are really charismatic, give it a look :)

The Great Safari Adventure Show (Ends: 7/13/2013)
A costumed, musical Las Vegas family production, with lots of chances for kids to get up and move. Plot: Child lost in Africa, finds magic talisman that transforms the local animals into exercise-obsessed mentors.
This would have been benefited by MORE exposure to the fandom, working through some anthro issues. Heart’s in the right place though!


Electro Bear Paw Graphic Bear Line (Ends: 6/15/2013)
Launching a tee shirt collection with bold, abstract non-anthro bear designs.
Cute designs. Bears need more love out there.

Halo Mini Illuminated Pet Collars (Ends: 7/26/2013)
LED-illuminated pet collars with deep color and flash mode.
I know, these are for dogs. But they’d match one of my costumes!

Comics/Graphic Novels

Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders – A Teddy Bear’s Quest (Ends: 6/6/2013)
A team of stuffed animal adventurers out to protect children everywhere from Monsters under the Bed.
Voted the best way to combine a D&D fixation with a massive stuffed animal collection.

Memorial Comics Series (Ends: 6/9/2013)
Artist turning grief into an anthropomorphic action comic.
This…this is a bit hard to explain. An anthro comic memorial. Business plan is vague, but there’s real passion here.

Jade Dragon Book 1 (Ends: 6/19/2013)
American Manga graphic novel: Gathering together the beasts of the Zodiac to fight a world-threatening evil.
You can find the artist’s work at Deviantart. Look for “Friendship is Sisterhood” in particular.

The Lions of Valletta (Ends: 6/28/2013)
A graphic novel of cats, philosphy, and the meaning of life, with loving background detail and very charismatic cats.
Amazingly, this one reached its goal in three hours!

A Tiger’s Last Song (Episode 1) (Ends: 7/10/2013)
A graphic novel of the final days of the thylacine/Tasmanian wolf, in the talking animal-survival story genre.

Antarctic Press: Keeping it Cold in the Antarctic (Ends: 7/15/2013)
An ask from Antarctic Press to help restore their financial balance after some mass-distribution experiments and other financial challenges.
Before there was the Internet fandom there was Antarctic Press, makers of Albedo Anthropormorphics, Furrlough, Shanda the Panda…See also Radio Comix, who took on the furry mantle.


Catmandu’s 3-Storey Carpeted Cat Tree (Ends: 6/5/2013)
A massive cat toy for human cats to sharpen their claws, lounge, and frolic at Burning Man 2013, and possibly summon giant alien cat overlords.
Would like to steer away from funding for events, things not everybody can attend, but I like the cut of their jib!


Urge for Going (Ends: 6/14/2013)
Mixed media, a girl chases her idol and her dream. Puppets, animation, foxes.
Maybe calling this “furry” is a stretch, but check the leading video, it’s got a great vibe, and foxes in suits.

Trek to Trot: A Fandom Tale (Ends: 6/15/2013)
A documentary about the greater world of fandoms, including Trek, Anime, Furry, Brony, keeping the lens tightly on the fans themselves.
It feels a bit like this is covering well-travelled territory, though looking at the greater tapestry of fans in general is novel…

The Pokémusical (Ends: 6/17/2013)
Pokémon, the unauthorized satirical musical. I don’t think there’s anything more to say, really.
So, the “End Pokemon Cruelty” public service announcement vid is well worth the price of admission. Or you can check out the big

Valeyard “Be Prepared” song and Animatic (Ends: 6/20/2013)
Seeking funding for a Brony song parody and animation of “Be Prepared.” Great publicity shot, worth checking the project just for that…

Rabbithole “Summer Days” music video (Ends: 6/30/2013)
Help this band from Manchester add visuals to their journey down the rabbit hole in their video, “Summerdays,” featuring human butterflies and a really BIG rabbit.

Animals of the Urban Jungle – a Nature Documentary Series (Ends: 7/7/2013)
Animals in the cities, a six-episode web series in HD of the life and struggles of urban wildlife and their interactions with humanity. Foxes!
Plusses: It’s British, so MORE foxes. Negatives: The author did his PhD work on spiders.

Fursona Non Grata (Ends: 7/30/2013)
A play written for the fandom by the creator of American Dragon: Jake Long. What happens when a young woman brings her fiancée home to meet her all-furry family?
“This will be awesome if you can make it to California” seems to be a running joke in the fandom.

Tabletop Games

“Pelted Primacy” Limited Edition Playing Cards (Ends: 6/12/2013)
A standard card set featuring anthro characters for the royal cards and jokers, and paw prints for the pip cards.
More of the poster’s work at his DeviantArt gallery.

Terreria Tactics (Ends: 6/24/2013)
A tactical, armies-of-fantasy vs. armies-of-SciFi card game, loaded with anthro dragons and eagles, simulating classic console RPG battles in a tabletop game.
Great illustrations for a card game! Supervising artist is Megillakitty, check her on Furaffinity.

Video Games

BattleTails! (Ends: 6/6/2013)
A live-action strategic defense game: monkeys, tigers, and hooligans fight it out in feudal Japan.
Chibi riding wargs. A strong “Designer toys: the battle game” vibe at work.

Lilly Moon (Ends: 6/15/2013)
RPG/visual novel hybrid featuring a cast of anime-styled werewolf girls and their quest to overthrow Beautiful Red Moon Queen.
Very old-school feel to this game, the graphics of the late 80s console meets the modern supernatural romance.

Beast’s Fury (Ends: 6/18/2013)
An anthro-vs-anthro 2D fighting game, with great-looking characters and bosses!
Someone give me $7500 so the world can finally play a Mexican hairless blogger in a 2D fighter.

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel (Ends: 7/11/2013)
An isomorphic period adventure game and puzzler set in a 1930s wacky black and white cartoon. Lots of anthro characters and dancing furniture!
It’s a neat role-reversal to have the damsel save her boyfriend, but unfortunately for fox-lovers, you have to play the human :( Maybe there’ll be a fan-mod someday.


Pixel Vixens on DVD: My Little Pony Cosplay Parody (Ends: 7/2/2013)
Fandom-inspired parody porn by the Pixel Vixens, who are ready to commit Rule 34 for the masses.

Neko Adventures: Real Cat Girl Porn (Ends: 7/29/2013)
DVD/web release of cat girls, free from their imprisonment on DeviantArt and sexing it up IRL. Not just for manga anymore.

Chimera Labs: Realistic firmness sextoys, lubricants (Offbeatr voting period)
Crowdfunding for a startup business with a variety of product, with a goal of artistic, detailed, and reasonably-priced, toys.
I can think of no better description than “lovingly sculpted.” Check the poster’s art and sculpts on FurAffinity. Not, you might imagine, safe for work.

MANDROID – The Pervy Adult Tamagotchi of Online Hookups (Offbeatr voting period)
Smartphone app for hookups with some personal safety features and a virtual pet/avatar, theoretically for all genders and orientations but mostly targeting gay men. Not so furry maybe, but aimed at a community reflecting “every race, ethnicity, body type, and species.”
Furstarter does not condone this applet. But we would seriously consider condoning that wolf.

Pocket Pussies: The Legend of Seven Purity Seals (Offbeatr voting period)
Zelda/Pokemon hybrid exploration/battling seizure monsters game, loaded with cheesecake pokemon, cat girls, and assorted anime-esque hotness.


Love Me Cat: Puppet Talk Show (Ends: 6/20/2013): A bit “Triumph the Insult Dog,” a bit “Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” a bit of voodoo, but ultimately, kind of unappealing.
Super Dog-Man vs. Retirement (Ends: 6/22/2013): Comedy pilot about an aging super hero–Super Dog Man–who tries to go back to work in the real world. I’ll be honest, I’m only including this because of the costume.
goldstar10x10Chronicles of Jason Vann: The Case of the Melted Fox (Ends: 6/27/2013): The last kickstarter for this Gshep police drama failed–well, it was pulled 10 days before close–it’s reposted at half the goal. *sigh*
JR & Ollie Adventure fun game (Ends: 6/30/2013): A story-driven puzzle/adventure game in a world of anthro characters. Click, look at the cute angry foxes, move on.
goldstar10x10Ginger Doctor (Ends: 7/17/2013): Starving artists seeking support for their Dr Whooves/Pony blog/comic. I’m not really sure what’s going on here, maybe the cliff’s notes would help.


Blue Wolf Sanctuary and Village (Ends: 7/6/2013): A sustainable community of simple houses with bed and breakfast, workshop space, etc, and a sanctuary for both wolves and humans.
Preservation of Dingo Records (Ends: 7/7/2013): Campaign to preserve archives of Berenice Walters, “The Dingo Lady,” a body of over 30 years of dingo research and preservation.
The Desert Kit Fox Project (Ends: 7/11/2013): Non-invasive ways to study the desert kit fox in California
Save the African Wild Dog (Ends: 7/11/2013): Working to preserve the Wild Dog–veterninary costs, snare removal, tracking collars, research materials

…Just For Fun

The Magic Ferret (Ends: 6/22/2013): Amazingly, this is Alison’s third ferret movie. “My name is Alison Parker, and I make ferret movies.” – Alison
goldstar10x10The Untold History of Japanese Video games (Ends: 6/30/2013): An ambitious book unpacking some early video game history, with extensive interviews from Japanese developers.
goldstar10x10Sexy Bowser costume (Ends: 7/4/2013): Okay, so, it’s mostly an alarming scaled codpiece over a skimpy scalemail bikini. And I’d give it a bigger callout if it was funnier, and possibly favorite it if there were pictures. But…sexy Bowser cosplay. Click, laugh, move on.
goldstar10x10Back to the Wild: An Illustrated Poem (Ends: 7/12/2013): A children’s book, an illustrated poem written as a conceptual sequel to “Where the Wild Things Are”

…Coming Soon?

Come Find Me (Posted 5/19/13): Fox Amoore’s next album, recorded in the “Abbey Road” studio.
Digger: The Omnibus (Posted 5/26/13): An indie B&W graphic novel–one wombat’s journey through a dark subterannean fantasy world, in which there are also lizards and hyenas. Beautiful work!
The Incredible Hare (Posted 5/26/13): Writer JoeStrike is getting ready to launch his illustrated novel on Kickstarter. One for the rabbit lovers.
Leptailurus’s Tarot (Posted 5/26/13): Leptailurus is preparing to open a KS for a lucious Furry tarot deck. My credit card is waiting.

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