Fur-funding week in review: 5/12/13

Highlights for the week: Metamorphosis: Birth of a Dragon; Zombies in a Half Shell; Golden Sky Stories.

With two full months of projects to cherry pick, finding some real gems to explore was easy enough (limiting myself to three, though, that was a trick.) This week, we look at Metamorphosis: Birth of a Dragon, a documentary exploring the transformation through body modification of human into serpent; Zombies in a Half Shell, an indie art web tribute which the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are very much not the heroes; and Golden Sky Stories, a tabletop role-playing game from Japan about gentle, shape-changing magical animals.

And then a bunch of other stuff.


Metamorphosis: Birth of a Dragon

Eva Medusa’s transformation has been years in the making, Eva’s skin slowly becoming a full-body pattern of rich green, blue and yellow scales, forehead a crown of horn and ridge, eyes…eyes a shocking green. She is also dealing with the challenges of a male-to-female gender correction, transforming her body and identity into a dragon-lady.

Eva blogs on G+,  and is active on many body modification communities (Did you know there was a website devoted to species modification? Life and the internet are full of surprises…)

The IGG, “Metamorphosis: Birth of a Dragon” touches on parts of Eva’s story, its focus is her first public appearance. More generally, it’s a look at body transformation and recreating identity. While the specifics of Eva’s story—tattoos, gender modification, etc—may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the expression of self-as-new-species is very close to the heart of furry (if there is such a place…)

Zombies in a Half Shell

Is it really 30 years since Eastman and Laird first gave four turtles ninja masks and a cool rat mentor? How mass media syndication makes the time fly. Zombies in a Half Shell asks some compelling questions, like “what if the glowing mutagenic ooze in the sewers was actually Standard Zombie Formula #16?” Or, “what if The Foot Clan was our only hope against the forces of darkness?”

And then it answers them in a gritty, gory indie apocalypse. The project comprises several artists, but much of the look echoes the look of the early Turtles, a cornerstone of the Indie comic movement. But with more zombies. Maybe the zombie apocalypse card is overplayed, but these are some impressive undead.

If there was one criticism I have of this project, it’s that the KS is a real puzzler. I read the site twice and wasn’t sure what was going on with pledge levels and stretch goals. But I’m not sure I care. It may be a side-effect of Kickstarter’s “projects only” model. And I really like undead rats.

Golden Sky Stories

If Dungeons & Dragons is a grueling climb in a driving thunderstorm on a mountain covered in cats-claw vines, Golden Sky Stories is an early evening lakeside walk holding a friend’s hand, a single cherry blossom obscuring the camera.

Stories in Golden Sky revolve around friendship and solving challenges in a small enchanted town (I suspect no dragons were slain in the making of this RPG.) Players take the roles of foxes, raccoon dogs, rabbits, birds, and such creatures. The illustrations are charming, and with eight days left, the KS is at nearly 10 times their original goal. An auspicious beginning!

I’m always glad to see the TRPG hobbistry step away from bloodshed and toward character and mood, and from the positive response from the KS community, this is a very welcome project.



2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar (Ends: 5/23/2013)
12 months of werewolf art that steps away from cuddly new-age wolves and back to horror, red in tooth and claw.

pawprint goldZombies in a Half Shell (Ends: 6/2/2013)
In a city wracked in fear, only the rebel Foot clan fights against the evil Zombie Ninja Turtles! Indie art book, web project
Impressive art, incomprehensible pledge levels. Worth a tour of the project though.


pawprint1Traveller (Ends: 6/5/2013)
An epic Doctor Whooves audio adventure from Pony in a Box Productions.”
Team has a lot of experience in audio dramas…and ponies. Definitely by and for the fandom!

Children’s Products

Fox Hollow Tales (Ends: 5/29/2013)
Beautifully illustrated children’s series set in 1830 New England.
Adorable. Wojer the badger is not for diabetics.

Kit & Kiya (Ends: 6/7/2013)
An educational series for young children; Kit the fox, his human mom Kaya, and a small menagerie sing and learn together. Puppets, live action…animation?
I wish there was a little more about the project available. She had me with “fox in kilt,” but more information would be helpful…

Comics/Graphic Novels

Epiphany Print (Ends: 5/25/2013)
Gods. Deer. Deer-gods, and other strangeness. A graphic novel version of the quasi-religious anthro webcomic.
There is nothing that’s easy to explain here.

The Good, The Bad, and The Monkey (Ends: 5/29/2013)
A classic spaghetti western. But with a monkey.
A Hellboy, Gorillaz, John Wayne, ACTUAL gorillas mashup.

Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders – A Teddy Bear’s Quest (Ends: 6/6/2013)
A team of stuffed animal adventurers out to protect children everywhere from Monsters under the Bed.
Voted the best way to combine a D&D fixation with a massive stuffed animal collection.

Memorial Comics Series (Ends: 6/9/2013)
Artist turning grief into an anthropomorphic action comic
This…this is a bit hard to explain. An anthro comic memorial. Business plan is vague, but there’s real passion here.


Duffton Friends (Ends: 5/18/2013)
CGI animated animals in a faintly “Aardman Animation” style, and their various trials.
There’s a certain “just another of the same” vibe, but the character design is nicely snarky.

pawprint1Anthro: Animating the Soul (Ends: 5/18/2013)
Documentary of much-loved anthropomorphic characters and their creators, in fiction and fandom
This is a return to IGG for this project, a second leg of the journey, the first one didn’t reach goal but they started work regardless. Points for perseverance.

pawprint goldMetamorphosis: Birth of a Dragon (Ends: 5/30/2013)
Documentary on Eva Medusa’s transformation and first appearance, reinventing identity through body modification.
Tattoo art and implants may not be everybody’s thing, but re-imagining your species and taking risks with identity is close to the heart of furry.

Dogonauts: Enemy Line (Ends: 5/30/2013)
The immortal battle of space dog and space flea plays out on a distant alien planet…3D stop motion animated short
Check the trailer!

Samurai Chinchilla: The Animated Short (Ends: 5/31/2013)
Animated pilot episode about one chinchilla’s battle to save the world from an origami mastermind
Small fuzzy samurai and origami. This approaches perfection.

“Get Off My Badger!” Music Campaign Video (Ends: 6/1/2013)
An awareness music video to fight badger-culling. Also, people dancing in frilly Victorian skirts and badger masks.
For £1,000, you could be badgerlicious. You want to be badgerlicious. But seriously, check the site, the costumes are great…

The Mascots (Ends: 6/2/2013)
Three animated shorts: teen angst and adolescent awkwardness from the eyes of sports mascots growin’ up.
I wish they had a tiny segment of the fully-realized animation. But there’s an animated husky AND an anthro moose.

Urge for Going (Ends: 6/14/2013)
Mixed media, a girl chases her idol and her dream. Puppets, animation, foxes.
Maybe calling this “furry” is a stretch, but check the leading video, it’s got a great vibe, and foxes in suits.

Tabletop Games

pawprint goldGolden Sky Stories: Heartwarming Role-Playing (Ends: 5/21/2013)
Play a henge, or transforming magical animal, in this gentle tabletop RPG originally from Japan.

Myriad Song (Ends: 5/25/2013)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy game by the makers of Ironclaw and Jadeclaw

Collie of Duty (Ends: 5/31/2013)
A fast-paced sheep-herding card game
“Where else can you send a pack of feral Corgis after your opponents or tempt them with persuasive puppy eyes?”

Video Games

Neko Cleaning Service (Ends: 5/19/2013)
Cat-girl maids feature in an anime time management/tycoon game

pawprint1Ghost of a Tall (Ends: 5/20/2013)
A mouse on a quest in a dangerous world. 3rd person video game emphasizing exploration, bards
Bonus points for genuinely creepy undead rat warriors, and lots of them.

Sled Dog Saga (Ends: 5/25/2013)
Build, manage, and run your sled dog team on your desktop or mobile device.
Someone suggest they should work with Blotch on some of the alternate scenarios. It’d be worth the stretch goal.

pawprint1Redwall: The Warrior Reborn (Ends: 5/26/2013)
A richly animated game 3D game set in the world of Redwall.
Bigger, Better, and Badger!

BattleTails! (Ends: 6/6/2013)
A live-action strategic defense game: monkeys, tigers, and hooligans fight it out in feudal Japan.
Chibi riding wargs. A strong “Designer toys: the battle game” vibe at work.

pawprint1Beast’s Fury (Ends: 6/18/2013)
An anthro-vs-anthro 2D fighting game, with great-looking characters and bosses!
Someone give me $7500 so the world can finally play a Mexican hairless blogger in a 2D fighter.

Cats Vs. Aliens: War in Space (Ends: 7/6/2013)
A quirky puzzle/strategy epic space battle between cats and aliens over…mice. I’m not sure who the good guys are here.
One day, aliens came to earth and kidnapped all the mie, and they are using them in cruel experiments… What would you call this sort of game, anyway? Preview video here


doggie-hookups.com (Ends: 6/21/2013)
Picture if you will…a dating and social meet-up site for your dog. Have you considered your dog’s sex life lately? Doggie hookups has.
The “Income Generation” section is weirdly compelling. It bothers me that I can’t figure out if they’re serious or not.


Poni Parade (Ends: 5/19/2013)
Collected artwork from My Little Rule 34 featuring your favorite ponies in highly compromised positions.
You really notice the lack of gender parity when ponies go deep NC-17. Just saying.

Going Classical: Greek Mythology Artbook (Ends: 5/24/2013)
A collaborative collection of erotic art based on Greek mythology
Unsure of actual furry level of this one, but I’m hoping for minotaurs and satyrs. We’ll see.

Chimera Labs: Realistic firmness sextoys, lubricants (Offbeatr voting period)
Crowdfunding for a startup business with a variety of product, with a goal of artistic, detailed, and reasonably-priced, toys.
I can think of no better description than “lovingly sculpted.” Check the poster’s art and sculpts on FurAffinity. Not, you might imagine, safe for work.

Neko Adventures: Real Cat Girl Porn (Offbeatr voting period)
DVD/web release of cat girls, free from their imprisonment on DeviantArt and sexing it up IRL. Not just for manga anymore.

…Just Because

Manos: The Hands of Felt (Ends: 6/3/2013)
An all-puppet musical recreation of cult classic “Manos, The Hands of Fate.”

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