Happy 40th and Save a Folf!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not one of my usual posts.FolfFinatall

Well, it is, in that I’m going to be rambling about funding platform features, because that’s why I’m here, but this week, this is a direct ask for someone I care very much for.

But first, a dubious little landmark in my life–my 40th birthday is coming up this week, on March 6! I never thought I’d get to this point in my life, and statistically I’m twice the age of most of the Furry Fandom! Whew :) Those huge round numbers are scary, but I just got out of a furry con, so I’m still feeling young.

And I was really glad my friend, and occasional housemate, Folf (AKA Crystal Nightfolf, but weren’t we all sparkledogs in our youth?) made it to TFF. I didn’t get to see much of him, because he was reallyreally avoiding the con crud–see, Folf is going in for a double lung transplant.

Amazingly, his insurance is covering the majority of his costs, I can’t even imagine the amounts of money involved. But it stops short on covering the post-transplant medications, which total something like $100,000.

So, here’s the ask. Chip in to the save-a-folf fund.

I’m only a blogger for the shameless ego-gratification, so I, personally, would love it if with your gift you left a little note here on this post saying “Good Luck Folf and Happy Birthday Corb!” just so I’d know, maybe with “I Gave $7,500!”. If you happened to tweet a link to the campaign with #Goodluckfolf on it, that’d also be pretty cool! He’s a neat guy, big silly laugh, loves him some Legend of Zelda, put up with me for three years. I’d love to see him at next year’s Texas Furry Fiesta, maybe for more than two minutes.

If it helps, I’ll throw in a tiny special offer–if anyone donates $25 or more (and specifically says “happy birthday Corbeau” here, so that I know!) I will TOTALLY whip out my poetry degree from mothballs, just for you, and make you a poem of your own! I’ll attach it as a comment here. For $25, you get a limerick. For $50, a sonnet, 14 lines, iambs all over the place. My little ode to your generosity. Please don’t be orange, it’s a bitch to rhyme. It may take me a while to get to these (March is a really hard month for me at work), but I’ll do my best!

Oh! And while you’re at it, take a look at Indiegogo Life. It’s a new feature for Indiegogo, a low-fee/no-fee fundraising platform for important life stuff like, oh, college, or a fursuit, or a double lung transplant (some of these may not be relevant to you, but hey).. Indiegogo doesn’t charge platform fees for this service, so you’re really only paying like a 4% credit card transfer fee. Overall it’s a sleeker version of Indiegogo, with many of the social networking tools, but missing the “perks” stuff.

Unfortunately it seems to lack a “comment” field, which is why I’ve asked people to leave a note¬†here as opposed to on Folf’s Indiegogo campaign.¬†That seems a little short-sighted, as this is obviously part of Indiegogo’s commitment to community, and that bit of interaction is a definite +1, to my mind. We’ll see how the platform evolves.





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    Dahan March 3, 2015

    Good luck, Folf! We’ve only met a few times, but you’re cool :)

    And happy birthday, Corbeau! I’m gonna be 40 later this year too :)

    • avatar
      Corbeau March 4, 2015

      Thank you, Dahan! Sorry about your 40 :) I was really happy to see the Folf Fund get over the $1000 mark, it’s not huge compared to the goal but it IS a hurdle :)

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