Patreon-Inhuman-CatWebcomic: A sci-fi journey in the distant future. “It’s about aliens and schizophrenics. You should read it!” -Icarus

InhumanComic1Icarus’s “Inhuman” is an elegant sci-fi world, a slow-building story in the distant future, with expressive humans and a wide range of aliens (the four-legged polar bear taur-esque Nikitak may be some sort of Progenitor experiment in weaponized cute). Inhuman’s been running for over a decade now, rolling out a tale of exploration and identity against the backdrop of a powerful religious state spreading its tendrils across the planets.

It’s a mature and thoughtful web series, and while it’s thick with damnably adorable critters, Inhuman is, at heart, a story of what it means to be human.

It’s also a slow-growth story, so patience is a virtue. You may want to buy the book. Also check out Icarus as “Not Fun” on FA for more art and very reasonable commissions.

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(And thank you for the blog illo!)

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    icarus April 12, 2014

    aaaa thank you for the very kind review! :>c i haven’t really much to add, other than that people who help add to the patreon contribute directly to me posting more worldbuilding info – like things on alien races, planets, side-story comics etc.

    yaaaay thank you furstarter!

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