(NSFW) Sticky and Different: The Month in Offbeatr

It’s December, and if that very special and perhaps a little depraved someone in your life needs the gift of a big-breasted transgender lupine Choose Your Own Adventure, amply-endowed unguligrade gym bunnies, frolicking and buxom pony satire, or digimon with riding crops and possibly stiletto heels, Offbeatr has something for you. Also, your SO’s needs are very specific and couples-therapy may be in your future.

Just saying.

exgenderroundEx Gender: A Wolf in Stilettos
Project ending 12/30/13
Wish fulfillment fic with a bit of Mary Sue is totally okay as long as it’s cute. And Ex Gender, catering as it does primarily to a few specific interests–gender transformation and massive breasts chief among them, may not be everybody’s cup of tit. Tea. exgender4But the artist DracoJeff goes in for expressive characters, working the american manga style fluently with art that steps outside kink and could easily appeal to anyone with a love for manga style, cute wolf guys, and a little playful dominance/submission.

exgender2The project, which is funded to the tune of $8000 now, and trending higher, is an  interactive CD graphic novel, with a few plot variations, branching paths, music, and some clicking and scrolling to learn more about the characters (or scroll lovingly over a centerfold). It’s not quite a game, but Drayjay’s definitely letting his love of gaming peek through.


Nope, no biblical allusion here.

The plot–Phyco, young wolf, ready to pounce on the world, falls into–or walks into, or possibly embraces, he’s a changeable character–the strange experiments of Aphramars Industries, and finds himself in a female body not unlike Lady Death wearing a tight fur coat. With a cute little goatee. After that, internal conflict, personal growth, exploration, maybe even understanding, and probably a few steamy sex scenes.

Drayjay’s fan base blew through his high $5000 goal in, oh, about two days, and Drayjay’s plotting out new endings for higher goals. Take a look!

Playpony1Playpony: Issue #2
Project ending 12/31/2013
The thing I like most about this project–well, besides the overall high production value of the art, the managers of this one are really picking their art for clean and professional–is the theme. Basing their project on another well-known intellectual property, Playpony is a mix of profiles, articles, fiction–but, mostly, pinup ponies.

Playpony2Maybe not “pinup.” That sounds a little too innocent, and glancing over the preview of Issue #1 we’re several degrees higher on the pornometer than the Bit and Bridle calendar.

Playpony3Each issue features a stable (heh) of regular artists, with an artist interview to keep it classy. There’s also the mandatory clopfic (it’s a word…) so you can say you were reading the articles, a bit of steamy comic fiction, and pictorial profiles from the “Mane 6”, popular background characters (Vinyl Scratch gets a lot of issue 1 to herself), a centerfold, and a celebrity guest. I know I’ve already said it, but I really like a project that really sticks to its theme, and Playpony picks a well-established theme and gallops with it.

digiXXXiconDigiXXX Issue #1
Project ending 1/14/2014
I gotta say, after glancing over this project, which MUST be 100% canon material, I seriously misjudged Digimon, and may have to go back and buy the OAV set. I didn’t know just how many sex toys were involved in that series.

digixxx3Bright and cheerful and soaked in both a certain charming irony and Veemon spooge, DarthGlacier has lovingly illustrated what happens when all that reconfigurable digimon digital DNA gets just a little bit corrupt. I’m falling in love with how big-eyed and friendly Glacier’s characters are–really capturing the energy of the series!–while simultaneously brandishing a lurid green dildo. That…that’s panache. So far as orientation goes, DigiXXX should appeal to any digimonophile. [ed. note: at some point my spellchecker just gave up on this entry.]

digixxx2So far as the DigiXXX Offbeatr business plan goes, seems sound. Once the crowdfunding period’s wrapped up, Glacier’s moving over to Rabbit Valley publishing–lower fees and a good furry distribution channel! So a large portion of her crowdfunding proceeds will go toward an initial print run. Since DigiXXX is about to break $1000 with a month to go, seems like an achievable goal.

A quick tour through DarthGlacier’s FA gallery shows a thick layer of Rule 34 sauce spread over several fandoms, particularly (and not surprisingly) Pokemon. Gotta catch them all, before they frighten the kids.

horse1Horse Hung
Offbeatr Voting Pre-Launch Period
Horse Hung is the work-in-progress project of artist Panda Lover, who, you’ll be shocked to learn, really likes drawing buff, hard-working guys. He also promised to draw my scrawny spokesdog Corbeau before the FA Lockout of 12/2013…looking at the stars of Horse Hung, I’m not sure he can, those are some well-chiseled slabs of gym bunny!


From the sketch “storyboard” pages and dialogue–well, and the title–Horse Hung is solidly a work of gay furry porn, a no-nonsense sex comic. Which is not to say it’s plot-free. The main character, Dante, is dealing with getting his life in gear, out of school, and getting a late start on opening up to his changing sexual orientation. His closest friend Jenason, and the only on he trusts, might be able to help, but he’s straight. Add a predatory boar, and sad-puppy drama and steamy locker room sex ensues. At a goal of 100 pages, there’s probably room for plenty of story. Not sure there’s room for Jenason, though. Hello, title character.


I’m interested to see this one play out. PL’s goal is high compared to the other furry projects on Offbeatr, but as a print product, it’s going to take more costs to release, so it’s not an unreasonable goal and compares well to “similar” projects on Kickstarter. Also, it’s the first solidly gay project I’ve seen on Offbeatr in a few months, No Good Deed came close, but still tended toward general audiences. The only other purely gay project to succeed on Offbeatr this year (also furry) was “Hardblush Boystown” Good luck!

Note: Images used above are included to promote the work of crowdfunding artists, and are owned by the original creator.

scaredcatsCredit where it’s due: “Scared Cats” image used for main page icon adapted from “Scared Cats” by Paul Vaarkamp. Thank you, Paul!

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