That Dancing Dog

patdukeimage1Youtube: Videos, instructions, and other excuses to groove in a shepherd suit…

You might have seen Duke, the Dancing Dog, on the con floor. He’s got a good character, and well-produced fursuit dance videos on YouTube. He’s an alternate character of OzKangaroo, fursuit designer (check “Critter Country” for his work).

Fans of Duke  can support Oz’s Patreon, and gently encourage the artist to make more darn videos. His channel’s a little spare right now, but the Patreon’s set up to fund individual videos, not as a monthly tiend, probably a good thing with an average of one video every six months. It’s a sideline, but it’s a darn cute sideline!

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    Mike Miller January 19, 2015

    Dear Duke the dog you are a good dancer and a good dog too….

    And also I love your fursuit it is so real good boy…….

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